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ok my friend has a dlink di-624 router with one computer wired and one computer wireless with a dlink dwl-g120.

the wired one can see the shared folders on the wireless but not vice versa.

The wireless keeps saying that he doesn't have the authorization to access the server but there is no server and it's just a regular network.

Any link will help but even in google I can't find anything about having wired and wireless computers on the same home network.

Please help cause this is the second network I've tried setting up like this and it just won't work.
I assume you are running in workgroup mode, if you are, make sure both machines have the same user accounts / passwords setup and that the file permissions and share permissions are setup the same.


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Yah, the workgroup has to be setup correctly for you to transfer files and see the shared folders on the other computer.

Make sure the wifi network is properly secured before you start sharing, in may case it makes me feel better :D


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the workgroup name is the same on both computers. I've set up a lot of computers with the windows set up a home or small office network thing but they've always been wired. But the two I've tried to set up with a mix of wired and wireless some wireless see the wired network and some don't.

I'm so baffled by this one and the last one I set up.

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It's been so long since I had done this. Back when I lived on campus I had 2 computers (temporarily) and in setting my old one up (which I sent to my father), I did use the file and print sharing to get files from one to another. They were both on the uni ethernet connection though.

If someone doesn't have an idea by Monday, we have both a wireless and a wired LAN in the networking lab where I'm getting my comp networking major. Perhaps I can piq the brain of the lab tech for you, to see if she has any ideas on how to get these to play...

Oh, and saz is right, you definitely want to secure that there WiFi network. I think one of my professors was joking about a neighbor being able to get into someone's home network. They do have the range...
I have wireless and wired network running. There shouldn't be any problem. Depending on what type of devices you have, try this:

Make your wired router the DHCP server, disable the DHCP server option on your WAP, and assign it a static IP out of the static range of your router, give it the proper DNS and gateway as well. Your wireless clients will seek a DHCP client and will find it via your wired router. This will ensure that both clients are in the same DHCP range and have the same DNS, gateway, etc.


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I hopefully can have my friend try your idea Ogden. I can only head out to his house every so often cause he lives like an hour away, and I don't know if he'll (on his own) be able to do the stuff your asking. Also, it doesn't seem to be the actual router that's the problem, because I've tried to do this at a house with a linksys wrt54g and now a house with a d-link di-624 with the same results. there is something computer side with the wireless pc that is making it not work. :dead: Even when I try and manually add a network place I still get an error about the computer not having permission to access the server?!?! which I have never seen before.

I thought it would be just like setting up a wired network cause it has worked for me when I helped my brother set up a mixed wired and wireless network but not at the last two houses I've been at.

LordOfLA said:
make sure the guest account is enabled on the machine you're trying to access files on :)
that's the first time I've ever heard that. I will have him try it.

I'm just curious if you know why that would help? It's very interesting why putting the guest account on would allow it work.
Let us know how it turns out. If you are receiving an actual Windows sharing error message, then something is not configured properly, either NTFS permissions, accounts / groups, share permissions, etc. It's hard to say without actually looking at the setup.


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Son Goku said:
Oh, and saz is right, you definitely want to secure that there WiFi network. I think one of my professors was joking about a neighbor being able to get into someone's home network. They do have the range...
Been there, done that XD
Whenever I take my dog out for a walk, I take my PDA and log into ppls wifi networks to look at their shares. No, I DON'T CAUSE DAMAGE. The whole opposite actually, I copy a text file which says that I went in, giving the instructions on how to secure it properly :)

As for the problem at hand, I sometimes get the same thing, probably because of the difference in user's names. Whenever it asks me for a user/password, I use the Admin login and tell it to save the password. So far that has worked farily well, even though I sometimes still get the problem.
Tuffgong4 said:
that's the first time I've ever heard that. I will have him try it.

I'm just curious if you know why that would help? It's very interesting why putting the guest account on would allow it work.
Bascially windows by default tries to login to the machine with the username Guest and no passwor dif its no on a domain. If that account is disabled on the pseudo-server then you will be refused straight up.

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I asked the person who manages the networking labs here before the start of class. She's running rabbid and has had some problems today such as a switch dieing and other probs that have kept her running about. But what she had said was:

1. These are probably going to have to be on seperate network segments and you'll have to route between them... She came back and told me this, I guess after she thought about it for a moment.

2. The problem is with your WAP configuration. Basically it's looking for authentication it isn't getting. You either need to go with no password, or you'll need to look on Dlink's website and read up on your WAP configuration. It would be difficult for her to give a general set of steps on how you'd configure this, as the required configuration varies depending on which hardware one has. The Linksys WAP they have in the lab here, for instance, isn't likely to be configured the same as the hardware you have.

It might just be a few box clicks to get it working, but some way or another you need to get it to authenticate, so it realizes that it belongs as part of the network segment...
Its not necessary to segment them, just make sure the WAP is plugged into the same switch as the wired netwrok and all will be fine in that regard. This is a windows permissions problem not a network hardware configuration issue.

Make suer the guest accout is enabled on all machines that are sharing files and that something has actually been shared (and with the right permissions if using advanced nt security sharing) and all will be fine.


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Hugs, kisses and a rep point LordofLA.

I had my network work for access from various machines then stop working then start agian. Was bugging me. I had been turning guest Off for security in some installs. Duh!
hehe, I doubt it makes any difference to security, its the least privilleged user on windows to make life easier when sharing ona local lan. As long as your ISP filters the file and printer sharing ports at their firewalls and your router filters it again just to be safe you should be fine.

If like me you have your pc on a public IP just specify which IP's can connect to the ports and you'll be just as safe :)

But yeah guest account is usefull to have enabled.

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