WinXPro has 5 devices on IRQ 3, also brightness settings dont stick

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Spicules, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. Spicules

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    Pretty much every game I play crashes in some manner. I checked my irq sharing/conflicts and it has 5 ddevices: my video card Geforce 3Ti 200, my soundcard - SbLive Xgamer 5.1, my NIC - 3com 10/100 3c905c-tx, and 2 "via rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controllers".

    So far Warcraft 3 crashes to windows (general protection fault cx0005 that many people get)

    Soul Reaver 2 restarts my comp

    Halflife/Counterstrike often crashes to windows and occasionally gives blue screens (cant rem what it said)

    I try to change the IRQs, but the option to change is greyed out.

    Also, whenever I change my brightness/gamma settings, i click apply on start up, and it changes to the brightness specified on start up, but it refers back to the darker settings 5 seconds later. The only way I can get a brightness that makes any game playable is to use a third party adjustment utility (like powerstrip). Even if I change the brightness AFTER startup, as soon as I use a program like a game that goes fullscreen, it changes my brightness back to the default which is way to dark to play ANYTHING.

    I noticed under my devices, my Video card is not listed as being agp, but rather it says pci. Is that normal?

    So far Ive updated via4-1, video drivers 29.42, soundblaster live, mb bios, nothing seems to help.

    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Bretenn

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    try to move the card to another slot and manually assign the irq in bios... i think this will help tho....
  3. Spicules

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    I changed the setting in the bios, and tried re-seating the cards. They still share the same irq, but its now irq 12 instead of the previous one.