WinXP/Win98se Dual Booting Help....



Hey All.
Kinda new to this forum, so I'll try be as 'non-lame' as possible.

I have been searching and found quite a few posts in this forum about dual booting XP with other OS's.
I have found a couple posts that refer to what I want to do exactly, but would like to just clarify the best method for doing it.

My current setup and what I would like to do follows:

I am running Windows XP Professional (2600).

I have 2 physical HDDs. Setup is as follows:

Physical Disk 1 <15GB>
C: <4.17GB> <---Windows XP Pro Installed (Primary Boot Partition)
E: <2.21GB> <---Spare (Partition I wish to install Windows98SE)
F: <1.98GB> <---Spare (Also another partition I may use for 98se)
G: <2.79GB> <---DATA (Wish not to change)
H: <2.79GB> <---DATA (Wish not to change)

Physical Disk 2 <10GB>
D: <9.53GB> <---GAMES (Wish not to change)

As my little diagram thingy shows, I wish not to change any partitions, I just want to install Windows 98SE to the 2.21Gb E: drive.

From the forum posts I have established that the best method to doing what I wish to do, is to install 98se first - then install WinXp Pro second. I DO NOT want to uninstall XP, I DO NOT want to format. So, I ask is it possible to install 98se into the 2nd partition on Physical Disk 1 and not have any problems with XP.

I did read once, a method for installing Win9x AFTER WinXp/2000 by installing 9x into another partition and then rebooting with a WinXP CD and REPAIRING the boot sector. Apparently WindowsXP then sets up the dual boot process by adding Win9x (on the second partition) to its boot loader menu.

Does the above method work? Will it work for me in my situation?
Any other things I should be aware of before I start? Anybody actually tried this particular dual boot set-up and got it working fine?

(Sorry if any of you have to repeat yourselves, just that I couldn't find anything in this forum that outlined my particular {soon to be hopefully} dual boot set-up.)

Thanks everyone.

was wondering the same thing screwed up my win98 partition need to reformat it but don't wnat to screw up my xp partition. maybe you read my post...i think it will be ok to reformat and install 98 then boot to cd to xp and fix the boot.ini with bootcfg /fix cmd
Adobo, wouldn't 98 have to have been installed prior to xp in the first place?? or does bootcfg /fix pick up on the new Os automatically?? This interests me.



I once did it, I had 98se installed and afterwards on the second partion I installed XP Prof.

The problems that you could encounter( that's what i think) is that there is a chance that the dual boot won't work

Good Luck

ps. you can make a backup from your 98 partition with norton ghost. When you screw up you can restore it
bootcfg/fix will fix the ntloader...but the downfall is that you have to rerun the win98 set up put the win98 files
try it out cmd prompt bootcfg/?
tasting thats what I wanted to here! now like I said I can repair the nt loader with the bootcfg cmd.
RE: WINXP/WIn98se Dual Booting...

I seem to recall that I specifically said I did NOT want to re-install XP, and that I just wish to install 98se on a seperate partition.

Check my little diagram again for a description of my partition set-up and how I would like to go about dual booting WindowsXp and Windows98se.

All I am after is a detailed description of how to go about installing 98se as a second OS to WinXP on a diff partition.



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