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winXP startup floppy - cannot access C drive

corputed file = no winXP disk

this would be easy if Gateway gave me a WinXP CD . . .
instead they gave me a recovery CD with WinXP embedded which will reformat the whole HD if used - IDIOTS
I have a corrupted file (I get this message on startup)

"c:\windows\system32\config\system" is corrupted
us WinXP and 'r' to start recovery

so far, I went to my second desktop
(same Gateway model) and tried to copy the system file to a floppy - but I cannot because copying the file is prevented because file is "in use"

I even tried from the cmd (dos) prompt
any ideas???

eg how can I copy that file onto the floppy
then how can I get it into the broken desktop?

I do have a brand new XP Pro CD - still in its sleave
can I use that to start my XP home problem desktop?
same thing happens on both computers
(Same Gateway models)
I made a startup floppy
but when used to start the computer
it cannot find the C drive ! huh?
what good is it?
did I do something wrong when I made the floppy?
When you say it won't see the c: drive; how exactly are you getting to this conclusion?
c: --> not a valid drive

in any event - I have done lots of research this past
hour - seems that STUPID MICROSOFT tells us to make a startup floppy - but it IS WORTHLESS , because it WILL NOT RECOGNIZE NFTS drives

found dozens of links confirming this

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Isn't c:\windows\system32\config\system one of the files that the registry is stored in?

Also you can boot from the WinXP cd and choose R for the recovery console. You should be able to copy the file there.
attention - problem solved - not really sure how - but sharing with the forum

I took the chance, after reading many URL about use of WinXP Pro and that it ASKS if you want to install or recover
so I did recover
and is asks to select the verison of windows (OS) as I had only one - it was was - then it went into what appeared to be loading many many drivers and then it dumped into a DOS mode
that DID access all hard drives
and I found the bad file, now with a current date -
so I shut down and restarted
ooooooooooops - spoke too soon - as I am writing this on my laptop - the failed desktop now keeps rebooting (get almost done- and after the 4th time - got the original error message - corrupt file -
aaaarghhhhhhhhhh - will keep you posted (will try safe mode soon)
well , ran the recover console again
and then exited, and got it to start (without reboot) in safe mode
at least SOME progress :)
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It may set up to only except the recovery cd. At which point it would be a major pain in the butt. I know with past issues with gateways that I had was they required you to have the boot disk to recover - EVEN IF THE PC DIDN'T COME WITH A FLOPPY DRIVE OR THE FLOPPY DISK. Junk, that is all they are ..

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