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[WinXP] Start Menu trouble


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My wife's office computer has a strange problem I don't recall ever seeing before. Running XP SP2, when you hover over the list of programs in the Programs menu of the Start Menu, nothing highlights and you're not able to select anything. Clicking anywhere in the menu actually closes the entire Start Menu and takes you back to the desktop.

I created a new user account on the machine and logged in under that, but the problem repeated itself there. Right now she has to reboot, and that will fix it for some random amount of time before it starts happening again. I haven't looked into System Restore, yet.

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Maybe try a sfc /scannow

Its like something is stealing focus immediatly?

Give it a bit of a spyware/virus scan too and perhaps one of those hijackthis logs the kids love.


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Yeah, it acts as if I'm browsing the desktop when I'm actually in the Programs menu.

I'll give the sfc /scannow command a shot. We ran Ad-Aware late last week when this problem started happening. A few minor things were discovered, but nothing that I would have attributed to this problem.


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Maybe test the Open Submenus when I pause on them with my mouse feature? Uncheck it and try? Vise Versa?

I dont know just a guess?
I ran sfc /scannow ... if that doesn't take care of it then I'll try your suggestion.

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