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winXP SP1 (cd-key problem)



Go buy XP..! thats the only sollution. yey to M$ for stopping pirates!!, sorry, but I have no sympathy or tollerance for pirated/hacked software. !


I may actually be insane.
Not that im condoning piracy, but nothing has actually been mentioned about an illegal copy of Windows XP, a question was asked if anyone has found a work-around yet.

(altho i see the point that theres no point in asking unless you need to know the info for illegal purposes)



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You will not be able to install SP1 without a LEGAL key on your system, and if it's illegal and you get that message, if you restart, it might not let login to windows.



I am watching this thread so be forewarned. Any warez cracks key gens or links to such will be dealt with, and the user dealt with.



Actually, there is a program that allows you to change your XP Pro serial number and then install XP SP1. Since it's release, MS(I think) have taken down the site with the program and details on achanging the serial.

I myself posess a copy, I was dissassembling it to see how it works, simple but clever.

In all honesty, you might aswell go and buy XP for all the moaning people are doing about not being able to install SP1 on their mates of a mates, and so on, copy..


if puppy22, is asking for a guide to install SP1 on a pirate copy, no it cannot be mentioned here !


well, i dont know whatz up with all you people like a damn copy of XP or other software is gonna hurt the damn pocket of this multimillionare companies............Nobody likes piracy and I don’t condone it but these days it’s unavoidable, wherever you turn or look, it’s almost mainstream lots of friends of mine has their software cracked and they are aware of consequences. Dont be stupid or the most moral guys (like u are) face it, there are users already running an illegal copy of Windows - can further harm really be done? I dont think so!!! So leave it with it and if someone post something related as long he/she doesnt post an attachment or a link dont start saying stupid things like buy it or whatever nobody has the medios ($$$) to have software that alredy cost a lot and doent live the money its value! --[Edited for Flaminig and content]--

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wow renakuajo, what a woderful post once again, you might want to read the forum guildlines again, no flaming.

everybody is entitled to their opinion, however, there are also rules here in this forum, no warez, cracks, or serials, it's that simple really.



I'm not mad!! :) also i'm ok with rules, guides etc, my point is whats wrong with someone asking for help, if he'she already has xp running can hé/she do more harm?? i dont think so. So there is no need to said buy xp or whatever. the guy that start the thread ask a question he/she dopnt post a link to warez/crack/serial, etc, people can read the post and if want to help pm him just that and everything is cool. I have xp, i buy it as well other software from microsoft and other companies. Do i mind if someone get it by copying, crack or other way? Of course not!!! its like i have money to buy food and someone doesnt have does that mean he/she cant eat???? Do it matters if he had to steal just to eat or feed his/her family?? As least for me not


yes i know lots of people gonna get angry with me (like I care) but right now i'm gonna leave w/wife to get a nice message so post whatever u want i check it later in the day !!!!! :D

live and let live!!! we just have one planet


Well, it's a bit different. For a start food is a NEED to survive, and XP is a WOULD LIKE, so basically your argument about not being able to eat is flawed, due to the fact you could eat, but not as nice as the more luxourious foods.

IE, you can operate a computer, but not always at the cutting edge of technology. If that were the case, everyone would be breaking into PC shops for the latest mobo and processors, but because intel are rich enough we'll just steal it..


i get your point and its ok......yeah like there is million of people that are takin advantage of that poor microsoft and intel people LOL

got to go check forums later


We've had discussions like this before, when it boils down to the anti piracy people in a row woth the pro piracy who see MS as this giant powerful organisation, which it is, so they leech products off them because of this.

We aren't going to change the world, or stop any piracy, we are just sharing our views on it.

Going into the Software business after university, I would like to develope software to prevent piracy.

MaIn mEnU

Originally posted by puppy22
did anyone found a way to install sp1 having a XP pro version without activation key?
I'm new here, but for what it's worth there are at least 2 sites I know of who show you how to deal with this.

You just haven't searched for the answers you're looking for adequately. My advice is keep this forum clean and go find what you need elsewhere!


Thread is being closed due to its going off topic and the flaming.

Anti-Piracy and the discussions pertaining to such have repeatedly resulted in guideline violations. There are enough XP SP 1 threads in this forum to answer non pirated XP questions

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