WinXP Regedit auto-closes itself...


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18 Mar 2002
When starting the registry editor in Windows XP (with both regedit.exe and regedt32.exe) it auto-closes itself after about 5-10 seconds. Even if I just leave it on it closes.

What is M$ big problem? And do you know how to fix this? Then please help me, thank you.
probably a virus m8, a workaround is to rename regedit.exe to it should fool it and works fine as a command, saved my ass once :)
Thanks, it seems to work now!

Btw, I was going to add a "Open with Scintilla" to all files. I figured out that creating HKCR\*\Shell\Open with Scintilla\ gave me the option in the right-click menu, but how is the command for running an app?
you now have to find out whats forcing regedit to shut on its own m8, look at the run commands, use msconfig, virus scans online, but 99% of the time its a virus causing it.
Removed the service scvhost.exe (note scv, not svc :) )

It not started now, and before it took about 60-70 percent of the CPU time but now nothing is eating CPU when idle.
Will do, House Call or whatever didn't work in Opera so I'm going to download another virus program...

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