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WinXP Promise HDD Controller not working any ideas why?


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Hi Everyone,

I have a Asus A8V Deluxe Rev2 Motherboard and it has the Promise FastTrak 378 (tm) Controller and when i have 2 hdd's hooked up to it and have it set to raid mode in the bios all is well but when i want to set it up as a normal everyday ide controller by setting it up in the bios to ide mode i get an error in device manager saying "this device cannot start (Code 10)"

Any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix it is very much appreciated,


I'm not sure, but I would guess you'd need to reinstall the driver. It might be that going from RAID mode to normal mode, Windows wants a slightly different driver. But I'm just guessing here.


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nah i dont need to do that but thanks anyways i found that if i manually install a driver called WinXP Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller for non sata hdds it works like a charm! thanks anyways :)


Overclocked Like A Mother

In a previous post, you indicated that you tried installing a driver to no avail. Is it the same driver? How many drivers does this controller have? I guess that the Hipster was under the premise that you tried your drivers. BTW, I have that controller on my Mobo, and I only have one set of drivers for it. Where did you find that other driver?



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i only have the one set of drivers and how i installed the other set it offers is by opening up device manager going to properties on the item you want to change, click on the driver tab, click on update driver, install from a list or specific location, browse for the location of your driver, and untick show compatible hardware tab off the top of my head

Hope that helps


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks, Dan04.

I have tried that , and it only installs drivers that make the controller ready for RAID. Should check into that for myself.



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well you must be doing something wrong there ;), u just gotta go thru when you install the driver everything manually, if u dont know how let me know and ill get around to reinstalling and writing down everthing exactly how it happens

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