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WinXp Pro help!



I just installed WinXP Pro on my computer. I still have to fully understand how to best utilize its features, but I have a problem with scrolling up or down or moving pop up windows or pages that are displayed on the internet explorer. When I am on the internet, and I try to scroll down a page, it scrolls down slowly, not like before I installed Win XP Pro. I was used to scrolling fast and smooth through the websites' pages. When I open a folder, such as my music folder, and i try to scroll up and down the list, it scrolls real slow and kind of jerky in motion. I am using a Microsoft WheelMOuse, and have updated its drivers and adjusted the scroll rate. However, it is not letting me scroll down the pages smoothly. Can someone please help me with this littlr problem? Is there a way to adjust the windoew


Is it only happening in IE? If you make any open window on your screen about half the size of your desktop, then drag it around by it's top bar, does is move in "steps"? If so, then it's most likely your video drivers. (entirely possible if you just installed XP, but haven't updated/installed your vid card drivers)

If not, maybe some IE updates from Windows Update?


I've got a (don't hate me for it) Emachine 1.6 Ghz Pentium 4, 512 MB DDR RAM(I installed an additional 256 MB DDR RAM today, brinnging it up to its current 512MB), 60 Gig HD. I just bought a new ethernet card, I've got an Nvidia 128 MB DDR AGP card, a Philips sound card. I tried reinstalling XP Pro a little while ago. I installed WinXP pro as an upgrade on both ocassions. What I did notice was that while XP Pro was installing, it was asking me for the drivers for the factory installed AGP card adn teh sound card adn the ethernet card). I am thinking that because the factory installed software adn hardware is disabled, it mght be adversly affecting the installation process. Should I disable the NVidia AGP and Philips sound card and then install XP Pro again?

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