WinXP Installation Problems! Need Urgent Help



Hi everyone. I have a rather strange problem! One or two weeks ago i was using just fine Winxp pro but now after making a format i can´t install it again!! In crashes the pc in the boot sequence of the cd, after making the hardware scan and doesn´t show any error at all! it just crashes!
And the cd is just fine becouse i´ve tried it in outher pc! And i even tried my other winxp cd the home edition one and.. guess what it crashes in the exact same place! I´m using now Win Me and still if i make a Update it´s the same !! I didnt put any new hardware or what so ever!! I´m getting crazy!!!
Can some one help me plzz ???

my hardware: Ak12 m/b, Amd Thundbird 1.1, nVidea Geforce2
Dvd-rom, Cd-rw, 512 Mbram, SbLive!5.1

Thaknx for the help.
Pedro:confused: :confused:
Have you tried using the tools that came with your HD to do a complete format and wipe the drive 100%? sometimes that will cure the problem, there is possible corrupted data left in your bootsector or such that is causing XP to not work



did you use fdisk? before you formated? if not go back and do it also,you should check the hd for errors, i mean surface errors.
does your bios detect the hd? if so then you need to redo the partition with fdisk then format the drive...
check you boot sequence in bios too chances are, its actually booting up to the unfinshed files on the hd rather than the cd rom
go put the cdrom ur using at the top of ur boot sequence for now....ull need a win me boot floppy or somthing , to fdisk and format right. that is if your gonna do fat 32, if your trying to do
ntfs, just delete the entire partition, then let the xp cd format for ya.

reading ur post again, i should tell you DONOT do an upgrade from me to xp, or you will never be stable....always clean install.
ill say it again lol, all win me is good for is a round of disk golf on sunday loloolol. 9x i would atleast fish it out of the trees, for next sunday.....lololool:) :p ;) :D


hi there! I´ve already done all that !
A surface scan to my disk that took 6 loooong hours.
I´ve used Fdisk to clean up my partition and creat a new one again. And the problem is the same...

the error message says the following +-:
The windows stopped your installation becouse a thread of Kernell was doing continous cycles.
**Stop: 0X4000008A

thakns again for all the help !:p



that sounds like a memory issue, check ur dimms...its ether that or
you have a bad sector on your hd, in a worse case senario, u could have picked up one of those nasty viruses that erases your cmos,ouch...if all else fails try resetting your cmos with a screwdriver... just make sure its not plugged in...also since it was doing a hardware scan, take out you hardware 1 by 1 and try, that could be the prob...


Hi again!

eGoalter i´ve done that ...
no virus found. And i even made a reset to my cmos
and nothing... i´ve tried to put other dimms to see if it resolved the problem but nothing..
The only thing that i have not done yet is trying to see if other Hdd resolve the problem instead of mine.
in taht case how can i make a fully format to my hard drive ? and to the boot sequence ? i´ve tried qwith fdisk and format but thats all. Is there another way to do the thing ?

thaks again for the help.



well if you , did an fdisk and formated it should be wiped clean although u can only do fat32 that way.the thing is its bombing
on the cd when it scans your hardware, its possible its a screwed
hd which i guess is hardware, hehe.i guess i would rule that out
next before going on to more stress, hehe. you did recreate a partition after u fdisked, right? if you have another hd i would hook it up in place of current one format it, and see if it works.
also try and see if xp will let you get far enough for it to format
in ntfs for you. if it does then its not the hd. good luck.:cool:


Hi again!
I had tried other Hdd in my pc to see if the problem was that and guess what ?

it crashes in the same place ! :p
i have no luck with computers!
Well its not the Dimm´s its not the Hdd
Its not the soud card video card or modem..

what else??? What can i do ? is there something that i can do about the bios configuration that can help me ? in the error code it said me to deactivate the cache mode on my bios what i did.. but nothing !! This is the strangest thing that ever happened to me on computers ! :p

any one else can help me ?:confused: :confused: :confused:


dang i feel ur pain dude.

heres somthing you havent tried. check all your ide cables, change ur roms and hd around on the ide cables ect.check your power supply, make sure its atleast 300watt,and go into the bios, and make sure ur cdrom that has win xp in it is the first
boot device, then your floppy, then the hd. that is if u have been using auto boot, in your bios.check the jumpers on you cdrom,ect..
disable all the power options in ur bios,im gonna just throw some ideas ur way here,lol. check ur temp and fan rpms in bios make sure it not overheating.and HEY HERES ATHOUGHT,HAVE YOU TRIED A DIFF CDROM DRIVE TO INSTALL IT?

The windows stopped your installation becouse a thread of Kernell was doing continous cycles.
**Stop: 0X4000008A

this could mean it got stuck trying to read the files, but im not sure. also u probably did this already, but look for a bios update for ur mobo.take out the cdrom u have been trying to install with and put another in place and try that. hehe, ibet you anything its omthing so simple you would cry when you figure it out.thats the way it is,lol.;)


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I came accross a similar problem...

and it was due to a problem with the cdrom drive.

try temporarily replacing it with a different cdrom drive.

That solved the problem.

If you have not already done so you might NEED to make the microsoft bootdisks to you can install xp.

(I only needed these when I put a brand new harddrive in)

good luck, hope this helps:D


hi again

I have 2 cd-rom drives....
How can i make the microsoft bootdisks for win xp ?
and how it might help me?



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sorry it took so long to answer

I am currently at work and do not have access to answer your question directly.

Basicially, there is a microsoft help page with a link to a special program that makes the boot disks for you. You run the program and you end up with 6 floppies which you use to boot up your system -- then you can install XP. these disks load all of the special drivers necessary to load up and install XP.
It would be easier to make a bootable CD to do this so you dont have to keep loading those damn disks 1-6.
There is some info on this site about the bootdisks.
look under XP instillation tips.
When I get home I will try to find you the actual microsoft link, if you still need it.


Try this..

Copy the entire CD contents to your HD. If it manages to copy everything, install it from there.