WinXP crashing in IE6 !



plz i need help people... i have been running winxp without no problems at all (except slowdowns ;)) with my old pentium 3 450, 392 RAM and riva tnt 2 ultra gfx card... now i just changed my motherboard to put a 1600+ athlon xp in it. i also put a geforce 2 ti 64mb ddr and a 40gb ibm deskstar in it.
and oh my god, after the whole day that it took to set it up (i'm no expert ;)). i just can't get to run smooth with internet explorer 6.

hell winxp and all my gamez work great but i just can't get ie6 to download shit... when i do, the comp resets on its own :( :mad:

did this happen to any of u... cuz damn its a freakin strange problem... only for downloads with ie!!! wtf... :confused:

if u know of any fix or anything... plz let me know! VERY big fat THX for anyone helping me!! ;) :p
Go to RUN and type sfc

and click ok

SFC = system file checker

Hope that helps
did sfc /scannow... the operation completed but nothing happened...
I would STRONGLY, emphasis on STRONGLY recommend you format & reinstall XP. NT products do NOT like having hardware like the motherboard swapped like that. There are devices installed which an NT product (meaning NT/2k/xp) finds, installs and forgets about, never reverifying it's the proper device or driver. If your IE problem is not related to that, chances are something else will. So do a backup, format and reinstall. At the VERY least, do a fresh install over the existing one.
I agree with Lactic.Acid had the same problem mobo went out replaced it and funky shit was happening (with win2k) fdisked reinstalled then was working like a champ
xp wouldnt even boot with my new config...

im running it on a new 40gb hard drive. i even updated the bios then reinstalled xp... the same problem came up :(
did you format the drive before you reinstalled if not might have some leftovers

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