WinXP Anti Spy Utility



I've tried clicking on the available link for this, but it isnt working. So please could someone tell me what this program will do if I d/l and install it? Offer any links or any info? Thanks :)
It disables all the automatic network traffic (that we know about). Things like: time sync, windows update, remote assistance, file sync (offline files), error reporting, automatic codec download...

Its all paranoia. If MS have real spy software in it, it would not be documented in any way and you would not be able to turn it off.

Personally, I use it just to be in control of my computer. I'm happy to do things manually.
-Having a good knowledge of changes to your system in useful for diagnosing any problems that pop up.
-I also don't want any of this automatic updating to what If I was playing an online game and windows started downloading would ruin my game.

Anyway, you can get it here here

I wouldn't recommend turning *everything* off, just what is useful to you.

Here is antispy . It disables the link that microsoft uses to allow communication with ur pc .

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