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WinRar Password Retrieval


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Is there anyway to get round a password protected .rar folder?

We have some pretty old DVDs with movies on them, but they are password protected. They cost us about $1500 at the time and we don't have the passwords for them, does anyone know of a way to either crack (i know sorry) the password or something, We cants get the password from the studio as it is no longer in operation.



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google can be a good friend for this.. there are password cracking programs available for just about any application. Some charge fees, some don't.. some are effective, and some aren't.

Haven't used any in particular for RAR so I can't recommend anything in particular.. but doing a little bit of research into RAR protection, your level of success will vary greatly depending on which version of RAR was originally used.

v2 and under should be fairly quick to crack. v3 will require a large amount of resources to bruteforce.


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Heh, cracking rars. Ive spent some time doing that :/ I dont think any of these programs work. Ive tried tons of them to crack rars. Just a waste of time. Could try emailing the creator or install the crackers on another computer and leave it on for a few months. Best of luck though.

Or you could contact someone who worked in the studio. You never know, someone might just know the passwords.
3 steps to recovering password protected archives:

1. Don't forget the password.
2. If you did forget the password hunt around for a boat load of parallel processing resources and start at 'A'
3. Wiat while massive scale parallel processing resouces chug through all possible options


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It real depends on how easy the password for it was. You can try brute force password programs. I have used a few but if the password is even slighgtly complexe its gona be along long time.

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