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winrar context menu failure

I'm not sure this is strictly a windows probem because other applications work in the context menu (such as antivirus) The winrar knowledge base was of no use or I was not using the exact keyword for a proper solution.

The problem I am experiencing is winrar won't work at all through the context menu and winzip will display on the taskbar but that is all. Both work if I double click and use its toolbar to extract. I have tried to reinstall and also tried reversing JV16 reg cleaner - but have no solution. I know there are some registry genius' here so I am posting this request for help. Thank you.


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Try to set winrar to work without the context menu for a few re-boots. Then
set it to work with the context menu and see what happens. If that dosn't work check the registry and see if it correctly shows winrar as the program that is to work with rar files.
It doesnt work in 64bit XP
Where'd that come from? :) reinstalled several times. It's a windows context menu problem I believe, not winrar. Anyway, I'm reformatting so... thanks for all that tried. I apprecate your responses.

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