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I've been told this is a good p2p

is it?

is it hard to uninstall?

my buds want to install it on the computor at work, and as you all know, I don't like these programs

so what's the verdict, up or down?

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I've used it for 3 year now and it's a good prog,get's a bit boring waiting in the queue's though :D
My daughter uses it all day everyday :rolleyes:


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I agree, good program. I've also used it for 3 or 4 yrs. Been using eDonkey for a year or so now also with good results.


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Its been the most reliable p2p for me. I only use it for mp3's but i've always been able to find what I've needed. completly spyware/adware free. I use shareaza for everything else, but thats a fickle memory hoggin beast ;)


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ares is decent, winmx is better in my opinion, but same thing for ares as msn plus comes with a sponsor program, so when u are installing make sure u take the tick mark off search bar! winmx imo is better higher quality music


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I don't use it, but when I did use it ... I gave it a thumbs up. Very good P2P for music ... but not much else when I was using it. Which sucked because I don't download much music, just very rare tracks, and that it did have some. Soulseek is also good for some pretty rare tracks.

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