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WinHttpAutoProxySvc and Default Gateway???


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I have a Windows 2003 Server, now I can ping this server IP address from another subnet. But after sometime, without doing anything, I cannot ping this server from another subnet.

I check from the network properties, the settings (IP address, subnet mask and default gateway) are correct. I open a DOS window and type in this command: IPCONFIG /ALL, the default gateway is empty!

I disable and re-enable back the network card, the problem resolved. I can see the default gateway value from the DOS IPCONFIG /ALL command.

This problem repeated yesterday and today, I check the event log, it always happened after the WinHttpAutoProxySvc is started and stopped after 15 minutes of idle.

I'm not sure:
1. The server is not reboot, how come the WinHttpAutoProxySvc started itself? How do I ensure that I do not need this service and stop it permanently?

2. Will this service change the content of the default gateway?

3. In the network connection properties, it shows the default gateway, but in the DOS IPCONFIG /ALL command, the default gateway is empty, what is/are the different between these 2 methods?

Thanks in advance.

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