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Winfast XP cards


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Looking for the L456-1042 :Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP RM TV Tuner/Digital Recorder PCI Card (1 lbs)

Anyone (forgive is this is done wrong, never been in the trading post before)


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Fantasi - if you have the card and are willing to depart with it, post all the details regarding what would be included with the sale and an asking price.

I'm sure Bman knows the specs, but perhaps that would be good too, this way he can ensure it's the right piece.


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hi there, well the reason im not using it is because funnyly enough is that i dont have a tv connction in my room, and that i use the one with the antenna but seems like my room is a bom shelter. :/ well since im in australia how much is it normally in canada just to have the conversion rate. we sell for bout 100 but i wont sell at that. To be honst i dont even use it at all so i wont really miss it. How much u willing to offer for it? i dont even mind if u you probably got some cool computer stickers and is willing to pay for shippping the product is yours. Well i have to search for the parts as well so stickers for tv tuner isnt that bad lol. well computer stickers. u know. or if u got any computer parts thare are cool. just let me know.
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Are you saying, either pay for shipping and the cards free or state other computer parts and the cards free?

Or what..


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1. ) u pay for shipping and maybe but not nessarily a sticker of AMD or some smako for my case. if u dont dont worry.

2. ) u pay shipping and maybe a cool usb cup warmer or rheobus or something canadian? ive never been to there. Although my gf is from there. :/.

well just fyi i might not have the remote, but im sure its in my room some where. Just need to find. but the card i definately have. :) will post a pic if u want hehe. I dont really care bout what u give me even if nothing, im sure the tv tuner has a better home with you then me :(.


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If I was going too, i'd send ya a 6 pack of corona.....but no thanks, shipping costs from there 2 here would cost me more then one I might be able to find around here.

Thanks anyways.

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