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Electronic Punk

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Thats the bit you have to pay for, unless you have an OEM version already...

three ways you can do it...

a) Install your version from a CD if it came supplied with a peripheral. It should update it.

b) Activate at http://www.intervideo.com - it works via web activation.

c) Cracks. But I can't recommend that option ;)
Legally contact Intervideo, illegally you would have to look around, i am sure there is something.

I agree with EP, get the real version.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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DVD players are popularly bundled with Graphics cards and DVDROMs for example I got ANOTHER copy of PowerDVD XP with my new graphics card this week.

It is going to be my reserve beer can placemat, as I have several copies already - 1 from cyberlink themselves, tho I had to burn that copy myself.. mwahah.

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