WindowsMedia Player v9 RC1 Nightmare !


Mad as a Lorry
15 Nov 2002
I recently installed the latest version of Media Player (Release Candidate 1) after using WMP 9Beta quite happily for a while - and I'm now wishing I hadn't !!

I can play DVDs using it, but I don't get any audio (I've checked that Media Player can 'see' my soundcard in Tools, Options, Devices) - if I use PowerDVD I can play the DVD with no problems, and I don't have sound problems with any other apps (including Windows own OS sounds).
Also, I've found that since installing it, I can no longer play any MP3 - Media Player loads, looks like it will play it, but then stops playback immediately.
Finally, I can't play back any AVIs (using divx or mp4 codecs) in WMP. It starts playing them (abeit without any audio !!), then up pops an error message which seems to be different each time, e.g. "Invalid File Format", something about "pins" which I can't remember, etc etc....

I've tried everything - reinstalling my graphics card/sound card drivers, checking all settings in Tools, Options (these haven't changed since before the update) and lastly restoring to the point before installing the update - and NOTHING BLOODY WORKS !!!!

Help !!

System : Athlon XP 2100+ MSI Geforce 4 4400Ti Sounblaster Extigy Windows XP Professional SP1


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23 Jan 2002
How toUninstall Windows Media Player 9 Beta for XP

Insert the windows XP disk, check install windows XP.
Check Full Install, or upgrade(the setup will do different things)

With Full install,
It will load the files to install and reboot.
During the blue install phase, it will ask you if you want to
enter repair console, at this point you want to continue.
After this it will search the system for a previous version of
windows. It will find that there is a previous install of windows
xp and ask if you want to repair it. Hit R and the install routine
will repair the install.

During this install it will load WMP 8 back onto the system.
Note that this will also require a trip to windows update(which to
me make the dynamic update feature in the install routine worthless)
after the install is done. In most cases if you have the updated drivers
in a known location on your system it will use those drivers during
the install.

You will need to reinstall any service packs and patches on your XP installation, but not Office or other applications.


Welcome Aboard....!

I had the same problem too before, and i had to wipe out my machine completely.

Just shows that we shouldn't be messing with Beta software coming from Microsoft. :D


Mad as a Lorry
15 Nov 2002
Yeah ! Cheers for that ! I thought I may have to end up reinstalling Windows, but I was just hoping that someone may have a magic fix for it.... Last time I install Microsoft's dodgy Beta software - guess it's my own fault though :mad: :D


Mad as a Lorry
15 Nov 2002
I've decided to live with it for the moment - using the excellent ZoomPlayer instead... I'll do a full reinstall of XP when I can be bothered :D

Thanks anyway !!

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