Windows XP's speed of changing themes


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4 Mar 2004
Does anyone know why it takes longer for Windows to change it's Visual Style when I'm using a JPG wallpaper rather than a BMP one?

If I change the entire theme, or a Visual Style with no wallpaper or a BMP wallpaper, it changes instantly. However, if I have a JPG background, it takes it longer, and sometimes the background (everything behind the Please Wait dialog) starts to fade.

I thought maybe it's because Windows automatically converts JPG to BMP somehow, and maybe it re-converts it every time I change a VS and it takes a little time? Any other thoughts?

Thanks. :)
its a graphical effect the fade when its changing, quite why it takes longer with a jpg file than a bmp as the wallpaper I have no idea, could be the way its setup to deal with bmps and jpgs
I believe you are correct about Windows converting the jpg to bmp, because I have been told that as well. The same thing happens to me when I set a jpg as my wallpaper... it probably takes 20-30 seconds to complete.

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