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Windows XP Services


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I am having this problem with my mouse, it feels like its "snapping" to a grid or something when I play a game. Even on the desktop, but not as noticable. It didnt use to do this, I think it started when I went through and disabled a whole bunch of windows services that I didnt need. Does anyone know a way to restore the default set of services? or does anyone know where a list is? Thanks in advance.

My mouse is a Diamond RazerBack.


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Yeah, it feels like it moves only like 1/32" in any direction.

not smooth at all.... I dont know what happened. I didnt used to have this problem.

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The link xtweaker posted is not the new SP2 page and does not reflect changes made in services configuration for SP2.
For example, the link xtweaker posted shows Alerter defaulting to manual for XP home or Pro and in SP2 they default to disabled.
The page he posted was services configuration even before SP1 came out.

Same site but different page updated - SP2 Services

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