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Windows XP Problem with Drive Views......



I am not quite sure how to explain this, but I will give it a shot. I have my hard drive partitioned into 5 drives, C for windows, D for apps, E for music and pictures and an X drive for pagefile. Just recently, when I open the C D and X drives from 'my computer' and view the folders with the drive, I get the big music note in the bottom right hand corner of the window and windows xp has made the drive one big music folder. So every sub folder within the drives are thought to contain music and lists the options for music on the left. The D drive was the only drive not changed and the i get no icon in the bottom right corner of the open drive window. C E and X all used to look this way. Now, the music folder within my E should look this way, but not every folder on every drive, excluding D. I know there is an option within a sub folder to change whether you want documents or pictures or music for the view, but how the hell do I change this back for the drive views! Any help would be awesome. This is really annoying. Thanks.
I think I understand what you're getting at so i'll chip in. Excuse me if i'm on the wrong track though.
Quick and easy way would be to set the view the way you like it - be it icons, tiles ,thumbnails etc. in one of your drive views. Then click Tools>Folder Options>View and click "Apply to All Folders" to set all folder's views like the current one.
Then you can go in and reset the only folders you want the audio file view attributes to be assigned to.
Check the "Remember each folder's view setting" check-box too.


The problem is that when I open my E drive window from my computer, I get the giant music icon in the bottom right. I am looking for the option to get rid of this.
Double click My Computer,
Double click your e: drive icon
Click the view menu, then click the Customise This Folder menu item.
make sure you have not hidden inactive menu items. Click the double arrows at the bottom of the menu chain to see inactive menu items if you have.


I have attached a comparison capture of my D drive....no music note. I know you can go into properties of certain folders, go to then go customize tab and change the view there. But this is the view of the E drive and there is no option in properties to change it at this level.


Erbmaster. I really appreciate all the help. But I still dont see it. Here is a pic of the menu I have in XP
Oops. I posted that without trying it at that level first.
You have my unreserved apologies for that. :eek:

In mitigation though, it does work at folder level, if not drive level. Plus i'm gonna be a father tonight so my mind's probably not on top form at present ;)

That taken into consideration this is unforgivable :p
/me slap myself around the head with a large wet fish for being so stupid.

I really don't know of another way to solve your problem m8 other than that I prescribed in my first reply post.
There may be a way, but the first method should work okay.

Hope ya get it sorted m8. those kinda things can really annoy with XP.

If ya don't wanna go down the setting all folders the same road,
just check back to this thread every once in a while. There are some really knowledgeable people here and i'm sure someone will know of a way around it.

Good Luck :)
Just had a thought. Try moving the folder with the media files into a lower subdirectory. ie. e:\ music\ mp3 \filename.mp3 this may stop XP from reading the contents of the drive at the 1st level, and revert to a standard drive view.


Yo Yoyo

Works like a champ! Thanks! I actually reinstalled windows after i posted the problem back in august. It just poped back up again and forgot to look to see if someone came up with a solution. I cant figure out why this is happening though. Very weird.

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