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windows xp (pro) workstation service error


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iam having problems starting the "workstation serivce" from the command line, also its not listed in the services list in admin tools.

i want to enable this service so i can add users to the "administrator" group in computer management.
can any one help me with this problem ?.


OSNN Senior Addict
ok thanks for the info,
i havent setup file and print shareign as iam not going to network
the pc iam working on, i would like to restrict access to the command line so that users that dont have normal admin access cant use the comnd line

i did find some thing in gpedit that when enabled the command line ran but had a message saying access denied your system administrator has desabled this etc....

but doing that all users despite there access rights cant use the command line,

how do i make it so only admin can use it and every one else sees that message in the commad line when they run it.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
/edit nm Enyo remembered what you needed to enable :D

Had to have server & workstation services running for MS baseline security analyzer to work...

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