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Windows XP Pro Sid Change Utility (?)



Anyone know of a program or utility (other than Sysprep 2.0) that will allow you to change the Window XP SID. I do imaging for my company and we've found that Sysprep pretty much sucks in that regard. If you only want to change the SID, you end up having to run a mini-setup which changes other configurations in the system. All we want to do is change the SID and reboot the system so it can be renamed & joined to our domain.

Systernals makes a newsid.exe program but that doesn't work for Windows XP. Pretty much brings the XP box to its knees in fairly short order.

Any help, suggestions, discussion of your experiences would be greatly appreciated.



Imaging tool

Ghost 7.5
In the past (back in the days of Win2000), the newsid.exe worked great. We're considering using Ghost Walker but that would require we either boot to a dos-boot floppy to run that routine or do some special boot partition. Given some of the other things we have to do, this is not really a feasible/viable option.
Our next step is to talk to Microsoft tech-support and see if they have a way we can run the sysprep so that it ONLY changes the sid and nothing else.
I know Image cast will change the SID when you deploy the image. I am checking to see if you can use sysprep to just change the SID without resetting the whole system. My guess is not but we'l see. Almost ready to run my test.

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