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Windows XP Pro Profile Issues.


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Ok this is an interesting problem. I have my computer and I would created another account for my roomate called "mike" and I granted him computer administrator rights. So now when I log on I use the user name "administrator" and he uses the username "mike". As we all know windows creates folders in "documents and settings" for each persons profile. Now why does my roomate "mike able to access the profile for mike, administrator and all users, where when I am logged in as "administator" I am able to access the administrator profile and all user, but when I click on "mike" it says access denied. Why would this be? I am the administator I should be able to see everything. Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks Alot,


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That's just how XP is set up.

This is from the Help sections of XP Home - I'll assume pro is the same:

There are two types of user accounts available on your computer: computer administrator and limited. The guest account is available by default for users with no assigned account on the computer.

Computer administrator account

The computer administrator account is intended for someone who can make systemwide changes to the computer, install software, and access all non-private files on the computer. Only a user with a computer administrator account has full access to other user accounts on the computer.

A user with a computer administrator account:

Can create and delete user accounts on the computer.
Can change other users' account names, pictures, passwords, and account types.
Cannot change his or her own account type to limited unless there is at least one other user with a computer administrator account. This ensures that there is always at least one user with a computer administrator account on the computer.
Can manage his or her network passwords, create a reset password disk, and set up his or her account to use a .NET Passport.

So basically - you need an account with a name - not administrator...or unlock (hide)mike's file's


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I know all of that, and usernames do not matter. I found the issue. Under the profile. you need to right click and go to sharing and security. There is a checkmark that said "Make Folder Private" After unchecking this on the account "mike" the administrator was able to access it. If I wanted to limit them I would have to make a checkmark on both profiles.

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