Windows XP Pro Network Connections Issue


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I have just moved and went to change some of my network settings and ran across an interesting issue. When I open the control panel and click on the Network Connections icon it goes dim and will not open. I have checked the system for any virus or spyware files but have found nothing. I ran hijack this and found nothing out of the ordinary. I am not sure what would cause this and have been unable to find anything on the web to help with correcting it. I can still connect to my network and the internet just fine. I just need to figure out how to fix this. Any help would be great.


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Can you send a post of it 'dimmed'?
There are a few things you can try. If you don't have an icon for the particular network connection in your system tray, unplug the network cable from the wall, and then "Network Cable Unplugged" should come up and you will be able to access the network properties from the icon's context menu (make sure you enable 'show icon when connected' just in case).
You could also try reinstalling drivers for your NIC.

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