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Windows XP Pro - lost encryption key to encrypted files!



Is there any trick way to recover encrypted files, when you accidently delete the encryption key file?


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theres a thread about taking control of your old encrypted account, no idea where though, but its to do with file permissions


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ok i found the thread here
Found part of the answer to our problem by reading whatfarseeker had previously said in a posting, and figured out the rest by myself. His advise got me into the persons folder but I still couldn't access his "My Documents" folder, where all the data was that we needed to save. After some mucking around I found the answer. Here are the full instructions, in three steps:

1. Log on as an administrator and go to control panel, Folder Options. In the View tab, untick "Use Simple File Sharing"

2. Now go to the folder of the person you can not access in Documents and Settings, right click on that folder, properties, security. Click on the add button and type in your login name and click Ok. Then give yourself full control, click OK.

This will now allow you access to the persons folder, however you can still not access "My Document" folder until you take ownership. So follow the next step.

3. Right click on "My Documents" the folder you can not access and click on Properties, Security. You will receive a message saying (you can not set permissions but you can take ownership) or something to this effect. When you click OK, you're find out the you can not add or set permissions as they are greyed out, however you now click on advance button. In the next dialog box, click on the Owner tab, and highlight your account name and tick the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" Now click OK, OK and you will be able to access all the folders in "My Documents"

Now I can go to bed, cheers everyone from New Zealand


Okay, I must be a little green behind my ears. Is Personal Message a shareware/freeware utility/program or something?


Ingenious! Thank you. That worked perfectly. (I had put those folders aside for 13 months! I figured there was a way to get back to them... and you found the answer for me.) Many thanks!:D
Glad i could help, when it happend to me i lost gig's of files, then read that post a week later and almost threw the pc out the window :eek:
probably got to make each account admin to start with, to assign the folders back to the relevant account's.. all the custom tweaks will vanish though..

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