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Windows XP Partitions

Hi, i was wanding if there is some sort of a limit to the size of partition in WIndows XP. I just bought a Maxtor 300gb HD and it shows up in the BIOS as 300bg but in windows comptuer management its at "128.00 GB"????

so do i have to split my new hard drive to get the full use or what?

BTW it is a S-ATA, and is the second in my sys. :)

-thank you very much


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I've heard a lot of people with the same issue regarding large SATA drives and windows. I haven't used one myself as my board doesn't support it but if you do a search in this forum, I'm sure you'll find what you wanted to know.
i havent felt this stuck with my computer eve.. i look everywhere but the only place that says its 300GB is in the BIOS... AHHH!

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What XP are you running. Original? SP1? SP2?

Only Windows 2000 SP3 upward and Windows XP SP1 upward supports partitions larger than 137gb but not by default. You have to make a very minor change to the registry.


Yours says 128g but what the hey.....it's close. :D

Edit//Update info. :D


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Odd, because I just built a new rig with a 250GB SATA HD and Windows XP Pro SP2 detected it correctly. Maybe SP2 corrected that problem?
yup, i just found out this morning... i tried installing the drive on a fresh windows install (so there ya go). it's too bad i formatted the drive becuase i thought i could fix it that way. sure hope i can get my backup files back up and runnin' or I may alot of work on my hands.

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