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Hey XPrs,

I am new hello:)

I need some monitor & XP advice. I have a Dell 8200 with the GeForce 3 4x AGP card and do a lot of Poser 4 and Abobe Photoshop 6 imaging. I bought the system 2 weeks ago so it is current. Well, I thought that the image would be crisp and bright. So far I have tried it with two separate monitor:
Samsung SynchMaster 900NF and the Mitsu Diamond Pro 2060uNF 22" (20" VIS with .24 dot pitch). I am getting disturbed.

The image seems very flat and non-life-like. Photos do not appear crisp like the originals. I had no problem on my old Gateway Vivatron 15. That is a 5 year old system!!!

Any ideas here? I am not new to hardware or configuring monitors. Am I missing something?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi John ,

Nice system you have, seems strange that your not getting an improved picture on your new system ....

There are a few things you can try:

1. Have you installed the actual monitor drivers , and are not using XP default drivers ?

2. Have you installed Nrevfix - as you will be stuck on 60Mhz = 60fps ....... use XP Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix 2.1 Build 169! download it @ just scroll down a bit

3. Go to Start >run and type dxdiag and wait a few seconds

You can test all sorts of stuff there , but we are interested in the TAB which says "More Help"
Click on the button called "overide" and set that to 75, 80 or 85.

Also click on the Display Tab and make sure all DirectX features are enabled.

4. Goto windows Update and grab all the updates + update your Graphics card drivers if possible.

Hopefully that may make a difference for you

good luck


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