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Windows XP network troubles



Hi everybody!
I have a major xp network trouble. I own a Pentium III 500Mhz with 256Mb RAM and I am connected to the internet throw a High Speed 100Mbps LAN. Every single time I try to start an application like, let's say, Corel 10, or Photoshop 6 or Origin, or Surfer or Grapher (these are programs to create plots), my computer searches not only the entire workgroup that I am in but every single computer in the building (in other workgroups) for shared folders. This is a very VERY time consuming procedure. For example if I start Corel 10 I have to wait at least 3-4 minutes till the program opens.
If I disable my Internet connections then everything is fine. But this is something I can not do of course. I have to use shared printers and shared folders.
Is anything I can do???
I thank anyone who can give me a hint in advance
Bye :confused:


Well, assuming these are legal copies and the software is not searching the network for a license to run, you can go here and follow the instructions to stop this behavior on the network.

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