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Windows XP MSDN CD Questions


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yesterday I took an image from a MSDN release of Windows XP. The cd was circulating at the office, so it was really tempting..

Now few questions:

I noticed that the cd contains two versions: Home and Professional. Now get this: the properties of WINHOME-folder state that the folder is 516 MB, and the properties for Pro are stating that the folder is 540 MB (approx.) Now, and here it comes, the properties of the entire cd state that the cd is about 670 MB... What gives?

I didn't try to istall it yet, but my collegues say that there is an product activation feature on both versions, but you actually can skip it. Now the source of this info is not reeally reliable, so I'm asking you guys: is it possible to skip the activation process on MSDN release permanently?

The MSDN CD is bootable. I want to create a cd with a unattended installation. I've allready created unattend.txt, but what now? Even if I copy the files from win XP Pro only, download the boot sector image, and burn those things on cd, the setup will start without the command line to use unattend.txt. I mean, how the hell should I make a boot cd that boots my comp, goes into full unattended setup, and installs my windows without having me clicking anything?

Thnx in advance,



Real Name No Gimmicks

FYI I ddon't need any cracks/patches/activation overrides etc. I just wanted to know if MSDN CD's give you the option to skip activation, eg, that it's absolutely up to you.

Anywayz, yesterday I installed the MSDN edition of XP Pro, and the activation was required. Very disappointed I installed my Corp. version with the Devilsown key... damn...

still don't know though how the ffit two os's on 1 cd...
MSDN cd's have hardcoded expiration dates. they don't need to be activated or such because depending on what version of the release it is it will time out. you might not even be able to install it if it is past the set time. and if it is one of the newer released from the MSDN library it will have activation for those that wanna purchase over the phone.

As for fitting 2 os's on the cd. this is due to they share files. the cd is actually on 670mb, but there are alot of shared files so it is rigged to use what it needs that way they don't need 2 full copies on the cd


Real Name No Gimmicks
Pretty weird though, coz all my os's are MSDN releases, as my former emplyer had a MSDN Subscription. The cd labels are all green, if that matters... :D

You say all the MSDN products have expiration dates built in. But my Win2K still runs perfectly, and windows XP ask to activate...

What gives?

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