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    GAH!! Somebody else has to have this problem...Ok, I still play quake tf (quakeworld). Anyway, i just installed windows xp prof. Everything is fine EXCEPT when i play tf the mouse does some weird things....I've been told it's some mouse acceleration thing with Win XP. I have no idea how to turn it off. In Counter Strike...there is a command that guys put into the command line that gets rid of the problem...well i dont' know of such a command for quake. Is there someway to fix is so annoying and has totally destroyed my aim...ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED...THANKS!
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    everyone seems to have mouse problems, just buy a wheel mouse, sometimes old is better!
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    this helped me --->> control panel- mouse- pointer options - then turn off accleration...I believe it is a box that says "Enhance pointer percision"
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    does anyone know the command to type in for counterstrike? cause i'm having that problem. thanx
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    This is all I did... I had the same problem with XP when I first got it, but I found two ways to get around it. One way is with gamespy.

    I recommend using gamespy because its an easy way to get a list of servers and keep your favorites.

    1) Click the Gamespy menu
    2) Click Games and Filters
    3) You will see Halflife checked, double-click "Command Line"
    4) You will see HL.exe in the textbox, add the following commands to the textbox -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel, the command line textbox should look like this "HL.exe -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel".
    5) Click Ok, and click the other Ok, put in a server ip and go in

    Then the mouseaccel should be disabled for Half-Life, and all the Mods You can also add these parameters to you CS Shortcut.

    The other method i found is to change the CS shortcut to compatibility mode to win ME..

    Hope that helps
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    Lower your menu connection rate by 1. I'm on DSL, worked for me.