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Windows XP Logo (Use of) Copyright

Lets hope that all the person’s using Windows XP copyright logos which are prohibited from public display without a licence, have permission form MS, as I have noticed that nearly everyone who has expounded views in the past regarding this very subject (to others) seems to be displaying this in their sig.
No I’m not the MS police and my point is this: -

If someone does something illegal is it ok if you only do something that’s slightly illegal. If you download a song from using “Kaza” that’s would normally require a payment or at least permission and you have stopped people in the past from posting the link because you have taken the view that it’s illegal or at least could end in legal action of some sort and your stated forum rules explicitly prohibit this, do you still ignore it, even though you may be a “moderator”. I find this type of behaviour enigmatic to say the least and that’s being kind. You either observer the rules or not but don’t preach to others when they post a link to a site that provides the same functionality.

Your site rules say: -

• Do not post copyrighted material such as retail software, visual themes or other software that requires permission before distribution.

You must abide by you own rules.

Maybe you are but I just missed it.



DLing software and Corp CDs are illegal,,,
Using Copyrighted logos are OK!!!

Well he's right ya know...

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Welcome to the Internet...
definitions here are a little blurry, you can arrest some one for pretending to be an MS employee and using it for his advantage,
You cant do nothing to the guy that is walking and shouting "i work for microsoft".

Electronic Punk

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Around 2 years ago, Activewin.com got into trouble with MS about using their name and after several serious threats Activewin changed its name to Active Networks. Activewin was a pro MS site.

As MS belived that there was a copyright infringement occuring they took serious action to rectify the situation.

XP-erience has been here for over a year and I have recieved no e-mail or other means on contact asking us to change any aspect of our site (other than the odd bit of leaked software -- snoochies)

MS definatly visit the site as they used to refer their customers (may be still do) here. (One irrate customer blamed us for his XP not working)

the moral of this story, if it is a story is, if MS does not consider there to be any copyright issues to follow up on, then neither do we.
OK but this does not make it right, just because you have not been prosecuted only means it's not been instigated yet. There are no big deals or monies to be earnt here. But it's still illegal (in fact). If you include the copyright symbol you have a defence if it all goes wrong.

Under UK law (the position in other countries may differ) copyright material sent over the Internet or stored on web servers will generally be protected in the same way as material in other media. So anyone wishing to put copyright material on the Internet, or further distribute or download such material that others have placed on the Internet, should ensure that they have the permission of the owners of rights in the material.

Generally, when you put your work on a web site, it is probably a good idea to mark each page of the web site with the international © mark followed by the name of the copyright owner and year of publication. In addition, you could include information on your web site about the extent to which you are content for others to use your copyright material without permission. Although material on a web site is protected by copyright in the same way as material in other media, you should bear in mind that web sites are accessible from all over the world and, if material on your web site is used without your permission, you would generally need to take action for copyright infringement where this use occurs.
I did not intend this to be taken as any sort of threat only that doing something illegal in a small way is the same as doing it in a big way but less obvious.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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O.K anyway... I'm sure that "Homer Simpson" is a copyrighted character too...

Now its o.k if i draw his face on my notebook...
If I say I am Homer Simpson or That I have Created Homer Simpson then I am breaking the law.

Electronic Punk

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The fact that MS haven't even asked us to remove any images dictates taht we don't have any images which they believe to be copyrighted... jumping to prosecution is a little harsh.. asking us to remove images would be alot simpler...

If MS did however ask us to remove say their logo from teh frontpage, tehn we would be happy to do so..

The fact we have that line in the forum guidelines, not only dispells the blame from us if say someone posts someoneelses theme or image - as long as they have the understanding that we have asked them not to.


I created "Idiocy" but i guess thats not really copyrighted so....nevermind

*** "Idiocy" web1913 "Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)"
Idiocy \Id"i*o*cy\, n. [From idiot; cf. Gr. ? uncouthness, want
of education, fr. ?. See {Idiot}, and cf. {Idiotcy}.]
The condition or quality of being an idiot; absence, or
marked deficiency, of sense and intelligence.

I will undertake to convict a man of idiocy, if he can
not see the proof that three angles of a triangle are
equal to two right angles. --F. W.

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