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Windows XP Home Edition (OEM)

Just upgraded my Pc and got (Legal) Xp Pro thrown in so now i have a spare Xp home edition (FULL VERSION) for sale.....i bought it OEM so you get the CD (original) and the Legal sticker with the key on it and any other documentaion i can find to go with it.

Not sure if anyone wants it or what it is worth.....if your intrested Pm me an offer.

UK only please.


Originally posted by ViperSnake
WAREZ ALERT! It is forbidden to sell products of a OEM nature
I am confused - if he bought an OEM edition - why is it warez and why can't he sell it?? As I understand it - OEM is the same as a "boxed" version - minus the box and some written material!
•No burned copies, no rips, no warez. If software offered for sale or trade is not in compliance with that company's EULA, the post may be closed, edited or deleted without further warning. Please report the User if illegal software is offered in a deal. Your identity will remain confidential.
Well i bought it as OEM (much later than my Pc) so it came without the box (big deal...and from a Pc Shop) i no longer wish to use it and no longer have installed so why cannot i sell it ?.


Also if someone else in the real world accused >> ME << of warez to my face they would be ......:eek:

And if after all this i can indeed sell my legal copy of Xp...i would like to thank viper for ruining this thread.....a PM would have sufficed.

A link to where i bought it here have a look under software !


I may actually be insane.
It's not warez. Warez would be illegally obtained software or pirated material, re-selling an OEM copy of something would have something to do with the lisence (I'm sorry but I don't know the details, I'll try find more info for you though)
I would buy this, but like yourself I have a nice installation of XP Pro keeping me going, but for anyone else, I think that £30 is an excellent price for Windows XP


I may actually be insane.
This is what I found...
It's not illegal to resell OEM software as long as the license is included.
If it was a retail pack Windows XP, you are possibly OK re-selling it. If this
was an OEM PC with WinXP bundled, bad news and good news:

(1) Bad news is "No, you can't resell the OS." You will know this by things
such as the XP license sticker which should have been placed on the outside of
the system; it is actually part of your PC. Another clue is that your license
and support for XP is through the OEM and not through Microsoft.

(2) The good news is that if that is the case, it did not cost you £260 - the
OEM's pricing from Microsoft should have been *much* lower.
So I don't really know :confused:
Try having a look around Google Groups
It's not illegal to resell OEM software as long as the license is included.
It will be....it will be under the bed or somewhere as safe:eek:

I bought it as OEM much later after i upgraded my pc from the Pc shop where i get my parts from .... as you would if you went down to pc world.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
How can it be 'forbidden' to sell something you own? IMPOSSIBLE.
As long as the computer has been formatted & the OS is still only being used once what's the damn problem? NOTHING.

Well someone missed a bargin !.....put in the local news paper and sold it within the hour....must have had a dozen calls for it since....guess windows is still popular.


You folks outside the US always get the good deals - I would have gotten it also - but he said UK only! I could really use an XP cd as this OEM on a hidden partition (without a cd) really sux!;)


You can get OEM software from fairs, shops and off the back of a lorry as long as they are sold with another piece of hard ware such as a pointer (Mouse) for 1 squid (£) if that's what it takes.

I have 2 OEM xp home edition disks, I decided to use Millennium disk as my proof of upgrade to Windows XP pro.

Just sell a pointer or something and add a Dog into the deal, that should get rid of the Warez tag.

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