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I'v been looking at screenshots on, that have a screen on there desktop that is called "Windows XP Game Adviser" which tests your system to see if its good enough for a game. Do any of you know what this is all about, and how I can get ahold of it??

It just analyses your systems hardware (specs) and OS, and then gives you a list of the latest games that will work on your machine.

Check Microsoft's gaming site.
My bad! You see the list of games first, then you test your system to see if it'llwork on your system.
yea after I asked you, i went and found it myself, its pretty cool. Thanks for the help, its a nifty little thing they got!!
the funny thing is, every game I try, it says I have minimal requirments. Which for some games, I know I have max..weird
MS is always weird. No matter what your system specs are, MS usually tells differently.
ming said:
MS is always weird. No matter what your system specs are, MS usually tells differently.

Ha! They're in league with the hardware manufacturers to make you buy better and more expensive hardware!

Actually, M$ says it cannot determine what I have so they cannot see if I have the necessary requirements. Hmm.
I found this handy app a long time ago, but it could be useful for those who don't know how to find out their system specs. What it will do is give a detailed rundown on everything on your system.


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