Windows XP firewall vs ftp.exe

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vbano, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I can no longer open a FTP connection with Windows XP SP2 firewall turned on. Initially it worked after I configured the firewall with an exception for the program ftp.exe . Either an upgrade or some mysterious change in my system broke it. My provider (Comcast) says to find another ftp client. I build my web page with an script and I do not want to revert to a GUI. Should I use another firewall?
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    You could go and find another Firewall, such as Kerio or you can try to get down to the base of the issue and work on fixing it.

    First thing is first, the system worked fine with the default firewall and your 'script'. Now, can you put a timeline on when the functionality was compromised? Can you think of how many days ago that the ftp.exe failed to function as it should?

    Have you made any changes to your system around that time, such as driver updates, Windows Update, new additional software or made any changes to your system settings including those of the firewall?

    And lastly, how are you connected to your ISP? Are you connecting directly, through a router or over a wireless connection?
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    Kerio seems to be more configurable than the Windows XP firewall. But in its default mode it is just as opaque. In this mode, Kerio also inhibits FTP open and it does not tell you how to make it work. I went to the "advanced"/interactive mode to release FTP open. It works ok now.

    Hope nothing is being risked by this less-than-advanced configuration.:nervous: