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13 Nov 2007
Sup, everybody. Remember that post i put up a few weeks ago? Well, as it turns out, my "supplier" (which was a computer fix-it store)(no hard feelings to you computer repairmen out there, as this guy would rip me off every time) turned out to have copied and changed a version of XP Home edition. But on to the "mission." I have a REAL, GENUINE copy of Windows XP Home SP2 in my computer. I am trying to get some themes for it, but wont let me do that as xp is now considered old, in their book. I have tried using different theme editors such as ThemeXP and such, but it slows down my computer and makes it look weird. But it did have some pretty good themes such as Panther and Eclipse. But the thing just slowed down my computer alot. I got rid of the program, ran my defrag, and did everything legal to speed it up. I want to know where to get some good XP themes that wont slow down my computer. In fact, I think ThemeXP had a virus on it. avast! Antivirus freaked out once i installed ThemeXP. So, know any good themes? (Preferably ones that do not require extra programs?)
Here's the Official Zune theme from MS. If you want to give it a go.

Had to put it in a RAR, so just unpack it and then right click it and then click install. If ya don't like the Wallpaper that comes with it just change it to whatever you wish.

And for anyone that happens to have the 64 bit version of XP Pro this theme will not install unless ya do this:


  • ZuneDesktopTheme.rar
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