Windows XP Crashes During Installation

Good Evening everyone,

I am trying to install Windows XP on another computer from this one and every time i am trying to install it.. during the installation process, i blue screen comes up with keywords of "win32k.sys". Is this relating to USB adapters plugged in? The hard drive has been fully formatted so i dont really understand how there is an error with a file win32k.sys

I really appreciate all your help given. This would really help me because its my brothers computer and hes getting really annoying because he is such a stress head :(

Thank you everyone again

Alex:cool: :( :cool:

BTW, its an Athlon 800mhz, 512mb SDRam, Geforce2MX200

Thank you for your time
thank you Un4gIvEn1, ill give that a try. I knew it could be something to do with the external devices due to the error messages from past experience from my computer. Win32k.sys error appeared on my computer when i didnt update my USB network adaptor drivers but i had that plugged in after i installed windows

Ill let you know how i got on

Thanx once again

still no luck :(

Ive removed all the USB devices, ive removed Soundcard and TV card so that only the Geforce 2MX200 is the only card fitted in and still no luck :(

Any other ideas?

Thank you for your help and time

Sincerly Alex:(
The motherboard is: K7S5A, i presume its an Elitegroup

The error i got when i was installing both Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP Pro is:

***STOP: 0x0000007A (0xE118E8E8, 0XC000000E, 0XA00CA35B, 0X0BDCD860) KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

*Address A00Ca35B base at A0000000, DataStamp 3aa010b4 - win32k.sys

Beginning dump of Physical Memory


This is the error that came up when i tried installing Windows 2000 just a moment ago. When i tried to install Windows XP, it came up with something like this also...

Swapping RAM?

The error comes up basiclly randomly, sometimes its at the beginnig, sometimes at the middle and sometimes at the end :(

Thank you for your time

Just a quick reply...will edit up more later....i know the K7S5A board only too well....still have nightmares:( .

Bad/faulty Ram does cause random errors whilst installing operating i have had it happen to me at random parts of the install so try to borrow some.
I had the exact same problem that persisted until I found a bad RAM module. I yanked it and all went well after that. Hope this helps.
i finally got it working. I changed to enable s.m.a.r.t mode for the hard drive that was installed on the computer and it helped the installation along. Im not sure completely how this helped exactly but i am just pleased it is working now. I proberbly would of died if i got so much annoyance from my brother :p. Thank you for your help everyone. I proberbly would of swapped ram if changing the enabled s.m.a.r.t didnt work. Ill keep intouch if i notice any difference or other problems

Thanx once again :happy:

sincerly Alex:cool: