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Windows XP bad? HAH.



"Windows 2000 is way better than Windows XP, because it is more stable." -- Funny, then why did Microsoft spend billions of dollars to produce it? Maybe you are doing something wrong.

"Windows XP looks like a kiddie OS with that blue luna crap" -- Then you must never have used Windows XP, for if you have you would have seen one of the most simplist features, themes. Try changing to classic theme to look just like 2000 again!

"Microsoft just ripped off linux and incorporated a lot of it's stuff into Windows XP" -- Linux has never been this great!

"Windows XP uses up more resources than Windows 2000, i'd never sue it." -- Then I advise you also roll back to Diablo 1, and Doom 1, and maybe even Pong. Because these new games use up just as much as Windows XP does.

"Windows XP sucks, I can't play any games." -- Then obviously you havn't installed them properly.

"Windows XP has no good drivers!" -- And you're saying any other version of Windows had good drivers? Try downloading some from your hardware supplier.

"Windows XP is so gay" -- No sir, it is you who are gay.

These are actual quotes from a few forums, websites, and chatrooms that I've been to. Is this the epidome of the modern day world, to critisize and downsize every new product Microsoft, "The Evil Empire", releases. You all remind me of a bunch of school girls spreading rumors about the ugly fat girl in class. It's pitiful.

Not everything you hear from this source or that source is true. Try a reliable source, an unbiased friend or co-worker, an unaffiliated website for true benchmarks..

- Too many people send me a benchmark of their video card, taken by a website affiliated with the company that makes their video card. Of course it's going to be good..
- And yes, on the back of the box, it will say "The best game in the world! - New York Times", they all say that. In fact, New York Times gets paid to say that.
- Too many people say to me "My Uncle says Blizzard make the best games in the world", come to find out that their Uncle is a programmer at blizzard, of course.

Windows XP is the most reliable and stable operating system to date. If you think otherwise, than you obviously don't know the intracate way it works. Obviously, you don't know what you're doing.

"It runs too many pointless services." -- Disable the ones you don't need.
"Windows XP crashes a lot" -- Maybe this is a hardware problem, and you need new drivers. Maybe you installed some software that has problems with the way Windows XP works. Try blaming the hardware manufacturer, or the software company. Why does it have to be Microsoft's fault?
"It cant run my old DOS games" -- Set your compatibility settings, or maybe get a patch?

I've ran a lot of old DOS games, and some other games which people told me "That wont work on Windows XP, I've tried it." -- It works for me.

Yes, Windows XP has it's share of annoying bugs. What doesn't? Download the security updates, and the service packs, and the bug fixes. If your problem doesn't go away look on forums or search for other non-microsoft related fixes.

I don't aggree with everything Microsoft does, like the Sun Java issue. But really, if Windows XP was that bad Microsoft woldn't have wasted money on it.

A lot of you have never used Windows XP, or have never used it to a great extent. Get a life, and go complain about something you know. Because you know nothing in this case.

I admit Windows XP does crash occasionally, and it has some bugs, and Luna is pretty gay. But if you don't know how to fix these things, or you don't even know why these things are happening so you blame Microsoft. GET A LIFE.

I've personally used every Microsoft OS from 3.1 and up, and I can say that Windows XP is by far the most stable Operating System to date. I ran Windows XP about 5 months before it's public release date, when there were basically no hardware drivers for anything I had, and Windows XP detected both m offbrand soundcard and my nvidia video card flawlessly.

Feel free to post in reply, but no flames.


Some very good points knigitz!!

It's true that far too many people b***h and moan about Windows. At the end of the day it is one hell of an OS. Why? Because it is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. If people want pure stability then they should look at Unix, but then a Unix is built for a sole purpose.

I personally love Windows XP...it's a lot better than Windows 2000 and a lot more stable. Ok, so I don't like all the advanced options being hidden (by default) but I just switch them on because I know what I am doing. For the average Joe, Win XP is a god send! Do you remember how long it took tweaking config.sys and autoexec.bat just to get System Shock working right? Or messing about with that EMM386 line to get nice looking textures in MS Flight Sim 6?

Windows 95 done away with most of that, Win 98/98SE did even more. And Windows XP just makes configuration a breeze!

At the end of the day, if you don't know what your doing...or you have a problem that nobody else has heard of you can be pretty sure that 9 times out of 10 it is user error...

As for people not liking the Themes...I know a lot of people like this. But guess what, under windows 98SE they use WindowBlinds with a Lune skin!!!!! Some people just wanna take a pop at Microsoft because they have nothing better to do, there's a band waggon...and far too many people are jumping on it.

But, for those people a little question. Why is it that games and applications (for a PC not for a Mac) are built to a Windows spec. There are other operating systems out there, the answer is simple. Windows is still the simplist OS for the average user to install and use, and untill that changes Windows will always be the best OS (not based on sales but based on the number of people who can use it).

XP Abuser

Is This slating XP cuz i didnt read it all but i dont really get what you mean. why are you so piZZed with everyone a majority of people on here have XP of some sort and considering this site was formerly XP-erience.org i dont see why your pizzed correct me if im wrong. this is a technical support for XP not the problems with it, im assuming you misunderstood or i cant find another reason why your so p-ed off.

and XP is the most powerful os but also the simplest you just gotta dig deep into the darkest depths and thats what most noobs dont do

and welcome to NTFS;)

Tip # 1 Abuser...

if you are going to comment about the post... it's a good idea to read it... and maybe not mention in your post that you didn't read it... cause someone like me is going to explain what's going on with what else? MORE TO READ... so just read the initial post to begin with and then threads don't have to get clogged up with you saying " i didn't read it all but why are you doing this?" stuff... when the answer is in the initial post... and it won't get clogged up with stuff like me saying "read the initial post"...

c'est plus facile, non, ce n'est pas plus dificile? quoi?


I'm not pissed, that's not it at all. But I'm sure all you are bored of the overrated Linux community jumping in and saying "Every version of Windows sucks because it's not open source and not as stable as Linux." To those, I ask if they'd rather trade usability for stability. And emulation software to run Windows or Windows programs just sucks. It's like taking a pepsi bottle and refilling it with coke. In the end, it still comes down to Windows being the most usable and simplist of all Operatnig Systems. That is why major gaming companies stick mostly to Windows, and why most tech-lines support only Windows based problems.

Also (the basis of my first post), is towards the lesser developed windows users whom wont upgrade their OS. I don't care what they want to use or what they think is better, but they throw lousy reasons around, complaining about something they don't know about.

My friend recently came up to me and asked if I could give him Windows 2000, I asked why 2000, I could give him XP. He told me that he heard from someone else that Windows XP sucks and he'd never use it, and he threw the same lousy reasoning that I see on most forums or websites. That reasoning is not the truth, and I want people to know that. Luna is NOT what Windows XP is about, so when people complain that Windows XP looks like a kiddie-OS, or that they're trying to steal Mac OSX's GUI, they have no idea what they are talking about. Luna was one of a few themes that made it to the final version of Windows XP.

Thanks for the replies, and thanks, I love it here at NTFS.org, I thank madmatt for introducing me. :)

XP Abuser

i did eventually read the post and now knigitz has shorten his arguement i agree with him totally
this is what my less than computer literate mates say:

windows me cant play games
xp is crap and i uninstalled it after 10 mins
im not getting xp cuz my mate said it was crap
i dont want to activate windows xp
windows xp doesnt let you run illegal software
xp needs at least 512mb of memory
windows 2000 is unstable
windows xp is poor for games

and so on...

so now ive heard it from knigitz what he really meant i can say that he is totally right and i cant disagree with him on 1 point i have people telling me xp is crap and windows is a big joke linux is the way ahead but i say well why are you still using it then and they usually shut there ignorant trap and most computers run windows OS so your with the majority which isnt bad and theres always support for windows and microsoft tries its hardest to make the OS secure the only reason linux is more secure is because it is less popular than microsofts OS and a virus writer is interested in maximum damage so thats why they choose MS.

Case Closed

Knigitz originally i thought your XP messed up and you were having a bad day so you thought about hitting on us. sorry fo the misunderstanding


I agree. Windows XP is the best OS around. It is stable, self-repairing, compatible and the list goes on. Whenever people have a problem it has to be Windows, it can't be that illegal software they downloaded or their own error can it. The people I know that say XP is bad say it is because of Luna when I tell them it can be turned off they still just say because it is new or the usual I heard someone who works for Mac saying that.


Simonsoft Network
I agree with all of you. I'm running XP Pro with 512 MB of RAM (thinking of adding more) on a PIII 500 Mhz (thinking of upgrading) without any problems. sure, I can't run 3Ds MAX 5 that well nor Adobe Permire 6.5 that well but it's because of my hardware, not Windows, but I could still run those programs but it'll be kind of slow or it'll just crash after awhile like all big programs that needs the big hardware to run correctly... if I try saying that I can't run those program that real and list what I got in another forum, they'll say it's XP's problem and just over look the hardware :rolleyes:

oh, one time I had to convo with this one girl before and I asked what OS she was running, she said Windows ME and I told her that ME sucks (which it did cuz I had ME before and it was the wrost mistake ever) and so she asked what I was running, so I told her that I was running XP Pro and she said that XP sucks and I asked her why she thinked that and she told me the lamest exuces I ever heard, here's what kind of went (trying to remember):

Her: I don't like the taskbar like that, I like the old one better.
Me: Well you could change it so it'll look like 98's taskbar by going to the taskbar properties. or better yet, get a new VS (Visual Styles) to get it replaced with a different taskbar
Her: really??
Me: yea
Her: well... XP still sucks
Me: why??
Her: I can't get my old games and programs to work
Me: well XP has a Compatibility mode that lets you set it so it'll make the problem pretend it's running that OS while it really isn't
Her: really??
Me: yea
Me: have you ever tried XP before?
Her: yeah, but I went back to ME
Me: have you ever gotten inside XP when you were trying it?
Her: no
Her: but ME is still better :p
Me: I beg the differ, XP has more options then and a better way of customising it

and the convo goes on and on and I pointed out everything that she said that it can't do and so on. she tried out XP and didn't even got inside it's configuations to see what can be done and such -_-' even in this one part of the convo she said that she didn't like the start menu thing (you know when you click the start button it brings up that menu) and I told her exactly how to change it back and she still claims ME is better??
2k-XP hybrid would be cool

I do agree that XP Professional is a good OS, but Home and Multimedia Editions, not so much. Home doesn't have quite the power that I'm used to and I don't want an OS built around Microsoft's multimedia technology (there's better stuff out there for multimedia). I liked Win2k. It was based off of NT4, a basic little OS designed for a network environment. It's fairly powerful, stable, and doesn't have all the unnecessary glitter and extras. XP is pretty much a step up from 2k, like 98 was for 95. You get a slightly newer interface, better device support, more features, etc. However, not everyone wants these new features. Personally, I could do without the System Restore, Error Reporting to Microsoft, Automatic Updates, Remote Assistance, and a few of the other little nuances. Luckily, I'm able to disable most of the things I don't like. After proper configuration and customization, XP Pro is a pretty nice OS. (I just wish you could have the Common Task pane and Folders window viewable at the same time in Windows Explorer like you could in 2k. Why Microsoft took that ability out of the XP beta I'm not sure.)

As for Microsoft being the most popular because it's the easiest to use, I don't fully agree with that. I would say that one of the biggest reasons why Windows is so popular is because Bill Gates knows how to market his product. Bill Gates has been successful in doing so, and since most commercial software companies want to make a profit, they're going to make software to run on the most widespread OS platform available. (Larger demograph means more potential customers.)

Linux is still cool if you can figure out how to use it. :p


Simonsoft Network
what I've heared is that XP was build from the ground up and based around NT/2000 for the stablity. disableing most of the options that isn't really needed is really simple, but others regrerds working in the registry or some other files (like when trying to modify explorer.exe, you need to find away for that stupid error thing to come poping up when modifing it).


DBZ - Yes its in me!
You all remind me of a bunch of school girls spreading rumors about the ugly fat girl in class. It's pitiful. -knigitz
maybe so, but that dosnt negate that microsoft would be the ugly fat girl then does it?


To make myself a little more clear on this topic, and to not be hated by many, many people. I just wanted to say I am in no way saying Windows XP is better than anything, I'm simply trying to make people understand that Windows XP isn't all the rumors they heard it to be.

I myself, love Linux. I love Mac OSX. I love Unix. All these Operating Systems are also very stable. Mac OSX is built on top of FreeBSD, which gives it a lot of it's stability. Though I never actually myself used Mac OSX, I've seen screenshots and read all about it, and have friends that have used it and know how it works in depth. I'd love to use it when I get a chance, being as I work at a community college and there is a Graphics Lab that runs Mac OSX right upstairs from the Labs that I work at. I think the Mac OSX is a beautiful Operating System, stable from it's Unix backbone. I'm not sure how easy to use it is, if it's like it looks it's pretty easy. But being a window enviroment for FreeBSD, I'm not so sure. Maybe just a very advanced Gnome type enviroment. People who use Mac OSX are usaully impressed as I hear it, and never wanting to use another Windows machine again. I bet it's the GUI. :) But I can't be sure!

Unix, is very stable, possibly the most stable, I think the stability of your machine depends on how you treat your machine. With window enviroments it gets easier, but still too advanced for the normal user. People who use Unix usually know their **** fairly well, but you have the occasional junkie who downloads FreeBSD from the web, installs it and thinks he's God.

Linux, being open source, is well rounded and very stable. Being open source, and a Unix based Operating System, people who use Linux think they're the "l33test". Which for some of the users it may be true, but the majority of Linux users are pretty new to Linux and only use it while duel booting with Windows. Hell, the only reason they have such an extensive Operating System is because they downloaded it for free, it's not as if God placed it in their hands and said "Let you be leet."

I myself have been through just about every version of windows post dating 3.1, I've been through many DOS versions, been through a few old Mac versions predating OSX, been through Redhat, Caladra, Slackware, Debian, Mandrake, Suse, FreeBSD and BeOS. I have to say they're all pretty good for what their purpose.

But, alas, my main Operating System is Windows XP. Most of you Unix and Linux people are probably asking yourself why. Here is why:
I love the Windows Desktop Modification community. I love DeskMod, and Neowin and NTFS. I'd feel so much smaller on these sites with another Operating System other than Windows. I wouldn't have as much in common with the majority of users here. Plus, my girlfriend would go crazy.

This isn't saying I don't duel boot to Unix though. :)


XP pretty good.

I am not a new user.. and I wrote operating system myself for a big project... as I can see.. windows is definetly improving... I know of some people that they kept saying win98 is the best windows ever.. that's pretty annoying to serious windows programmer..( I am not one of those ) .. if you wanna compare XP to other OS on the market.., Mac OSX is very nice as well.... Unix solaris.. Linux... they are all good... probably more stable then XP.. but they don't have all that nice feature that XP has.. XP is easy to use, powerful... automatic install drivers... and updates..

I must say different OS are there for different purposes.. but XP is there for everyone. I know very well of Unix, Linux, Mac ... they are basically they say core kernal with different add-ons ... Mac OSx was modified in a way that it's most user- friendly.. but it's still not easy for windows guy to get used to...

I don't know what I am saying.. sorry... but I think all I wanted to say was... Windows XP is a good OS..


Windows XP is my favorite OS. It's rock solid and hasn't crashed on me for a long time now.

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