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Windows XP Auto Shutdown - PROBLEM


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I recently Re-formated my computer everything is working great except the computer will not auto shutdown - i have to shut i down and than press the button on the tower to turn it off. CAN YOU HELP ME.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Re: Windows XP Auto Shutdown - PLOBLEM

Check your power options
control panel - > power options-> advanced tab -> then change the setting "when i press the power button...." to shutdown

If there is an APM tab, make sure the “Enable Advanced Power Management Support” box is checked

the APM/NT Legacy Power Node may not be enabled. To enable this, right-click on the My Computer icon, click Properties | Hardware | Device Manager | View. Check the box labeled “Show Hidden Devices.” If it’s available on your computer, there will be a red X on the APM/NT Legacy Node. Try enabling it and see if this resolves the powerdown problem

loads of other things to try here
Re: Windows XP Auto Shutdown - PLOBLEM

i think im supposed to have APM in my power management coz in the bios setup i did enable it when i was setting up cool'n'quiet and the readme for it told me that it's supposed to show there but it's not any idea why?

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