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Windows Vista Build 5808 Released To TAP


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Neowin has reported this build is now available to TAP (Technology Adoption Program) Customers

There are confirmed reports that Windows Vista build 5808 has been released to TAP (Technology Adoption Program) customers, it has also been suggested that testers will not get this build on Connect and it's unclear if this is a pre-RTM build shipped as such. Interesting to note is that 57xx was designated the RTM branch, there is no further information on a 5744 to 58xx jump, or what it implies.

Jim Allchin cleared up conflicting reports to eWeek by saying that Windows Vista would not make RTM this week, adding that there was still work to do "We won't RTM (release to manufacturing) in a week," Allchin told MJ Foley on October 18. "We are in pretty good shape. And there are still months before (the January 2007) launch."
vista_5808.16384.061012-1900_x86fre_client-ent-upg-LRMEVCCP_EN_DVD.iso, 1,972.46 (English upgrade)
vista_5808.16384.061012-1900_x86fre_client-ent-upg-LRMEVCCP_DE_DVD.iso, 1,912.24 (German upgrade)
vista_5808.16384.061012-1900_x64fre_client-LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 3,621.12 MB (Full English)
vista_5808.16384.061012-1900_x86fre_client-LRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 2,607.74 MB (Full German)

View: Neowin
View: TheVista.ru


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Re: Windows Vista Build 5808.16384 Released

Any news on changes? I've read comments saying this should include all final artwork (boot screen, missing icons). Anyone here can get it and let us know?
5808 is old already. :) Apparently 5840 leaked out, and it didn't include any new artwork either - just the usual bug fixes and perf improvements we've been seeing in every released build.
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According to my Microsoft sources, the current internal Vista build is now 6.0.5920.16384. Whenever Microsoft finalizes Vista--and I'm told it will be on or before November 8--the company will artificially increment the build number to 6000, as in "6.0," which is Vista's version number (aka Windows 6.0). Come on, admit it: You knew Microsoft would pull something silly like that
You can read more detail here: WindowsITPro

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