Windows Vista Build 5308 (Feb/Ent CTP)

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I will be using this thread as my scratchpad for a conference call with Microsoft in 80 minutes so will be updating it very often during the call.

Michael Burke...

- development update
- enterprise
- enterprise ctp

no sku information today, announcement later

brad general windows management:

-update timeline
-why vista is great for business
-what is coming with ent ctp.

today enterprise ctp is announced, new deployment and imaging technology

another ctp, culmination of beta2 process. release second half 2006 - no date yet (regardless of speculation)

ces2006 - consumer product? no. business focused release too.

4 areas

- reduced deployment costs
- more secure
- connecting people to information
- increasing mobile/remote producivitiy

- deployment and general cost reduced. image management cost reduced - less images. Easier to install updates, less reboots. Contributes to help deskto costs therefore reducec.
- Big reason to install vista. Big investments in dynamic security protection. User account control, have standard users work more producticely - high percentrage of users run as admins - this will be reduced
- Corp data protection, bitlocker, group policy - easier for people to be confident that data is protected.

When anyone starts using vista theywill notice ui is muich more intuitive for using and finding data on their machine, also true for looking for user options. networking, printers -- much easier. Users more productive and costs go down.
Sidebar - gadgets that end users can visualise so they stay more connected with their information i.e. current server uptime. really stay connected with the information they require.
- Mobility, virtual workforces. Largest area of growth in hardware. More and more laptops.

how fast laptop will turn on and off -- much faster, better with vista.
Also new powermanagent technology - mobility centre (control all settings) distable im, powermanagement etc.

easier to connect securely - access TS based apps without a vpn.
Transitions across networks to mobile/connected. Roaming profiles will allow users to backup data and keep connected to server -- only my docs currently. additional roaming profiles, data backed up.

Enterprise CTP - 4 challenges enterprise face with new versions.
- Application compatibility. Impact new OS might have.
- Cost/complexity of deployment.
- Increased cost of automated tools that exist.
- General lack of understanding of industry best practices.

- Significant invesment, Vista compatibility toolkit. Different than past versions. sp2 one came 6-9 months later. Vista will come with next milestone. New user migration tool, key piece of helping to migrate data (serious source of pain)
- Most organisations spend 100,000 per image they need to mange, different operating systems, form factors, languages etc. Hardware platforms single biggest factor. New image format allows hardware and language neutraility. This is the biggest areas of impact. New tools - automated installation kit, seperate set of tools already in technet.

- Deplyoment guidance/practices. built on the xp Business desktop deplyment acceleration guide.

To test enterprise sitations (ie user account control) - what does a user now need to do ? Will improve understanding of vista in their production enviroment. MS most excited that they are giving customers a more feature complete version earlier than ever before.

BETANEWS: How does Enterpise fit it - is this the feb ctp or is it diferent? Will it be out for other tests? Beta 2 confusion?
MS: This is the feb CTP. called enterprise ctp to get different each call to action. No restricted access, will be available to all areas that recieve the current CTPs. Beta 2 process will end with next CTP.

CNET: No formal release candidate?
MS: after consumer ctp which will end beta 2 process. then... more ctps!

COMPUTER RESELLER NEWS: Feature complete or more feature complete, or more features coming?
ME: We are feature complete, earlier releases of windows would not be, all work from now on is polishing etc. Consumer features are all in.
MS: Key change is that hardware indep, language indep. Saves time and really drives down costs.

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Re: Highlights - MS Conference Call 22nd February

Build Is On Connect Now!

Title Windows Build 5308 Main 32 bit DVD Date 22/02/2006 Size 2,780.79 MB Version 32 bit Category Build Milestone FebCTP Description FebCTP_5308_32bit_Main_Staged_DVD.iso =
This is the Main download for Windows Vista

Distribution Source: United States Europe Asia
Files in Download: FebCTP_5308_32bit_Main_Staged_DVD.iso, 2,780.79 MB
I can barely even sign in to Connect. :D
I guess I'll try again in two hours when I get back from class...

Not on MSDN yet, is it? That might be a faster way for me to get it.

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- link removed -

DON'T EVEN TRY IT IF YOU AREN't ON THE BETA - will just stamp on a server that has already been beaten to the ground.
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Still can't get to the download page. And it's not on MSDN either, as expected. =\
It took me literally 11 hours to download 5270 because of the rush last time. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to pick this up.

Edit: Finally got in. Download speeds are way too slow at the moment though. Will hold off until tomorrow, or whenever the dust settles.
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Installing now.

Did the same text bar loading to get into the interface, then loaded a logo less bootscreen (ie like the longhorn bootscreen but with no mention of longhorn)

Asked me for the CDkey pretty quick in the same style faux-glass styled interface we saw in the previous build. Upgrades are still greyed out so I did a custom install choosing to delete the existing partition. Creating a new partition which was correctly labelled, this time, as disk(0)partition(1)

I have also noticed that it no longer asks me to name my PC during this phase of setup.

Now the long part.
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Well that part is done again. Booting into Vista.

Again, there is no longhorn logo, or vista logo. Just a loading bar.
There is a screen now with the Windows Vista logo in the top right with a grey background... like the one in XP when you are changing from a FAT32 partition into Vista... not too pretty, hopefully it will only be seen the once.

Oops, looks like it is still installing - that must have been one of the installation reboots - something I normally miss as I install Vista on my test rig in the other room.

It is now completing installation. Then another reboot and now waiting.

So installation seems to have taken less than an hour on a Dell Latitude D600.
Really hoping it has my wireless nic drivers on there somewhere as I don't think Dell will be supporting Vista for a few months yet.

Now entered my name which it uses to generate the PC name (<name>_PC) of course that changed to Pulsar, what I always call my laptop.

The setup now seems intelligent enough to guess that if you are using the device in the UK then you will, by default, want to use a UK keyboard (of course offers to let you change it if you are not) but still assumes you are using Seattle's timezone. Not likely.
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Ok what have we here.
Everything is there - it seems the focus is indeed on Enterprise, but this is still Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Media Center is there, WMP11 is there and it even found my wireless nic drivers as well as 3 updates (one being defender updates and another being mpeg2 codecs - wow)

I don't think it detected my integrated ATI card as the default resolution was 640x480 - which is not pretty at all and even cropped the start menu so I had to find another way to the control panel.

The langugage bar also appeared even tho I only one installed, which is a major peeve of mine.

Most admin options are asking me to allow them -- which I am fine with really -- it is going to get me use to using a standard user account and authorise any such changes. -- something I will be doing at work.

The only device is seems to have failed to find is my integrated ATI one, gonna go to ATI and hope the previous driver works ok.
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