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Windows Vista Beta 2 Second Quater CTP

Any word on when we might expect to see this. General public release or another CTP. Any bets out there. I'd say we'll see another CTP before a public release (Beta 2)
Yes, the activation issue was fixed quite a while ago...unless you're running into some other activation-related problem, in which case you should file it as a bug.

As for new builds - well, one is supposed to be on the horizon, from what I've heard recently. And yes, this will be another CTP and not a public build.
Even if it slips past Monday, it does look like it should be coming through later this week. There have been "official" hints in the beta NGs.

The reports are claiming faster install times and noticeably improved performance. I certainly hope that's true. :)
LordOfLA said:
by the way derek. You should commit suicide for having a myspace page that horrendous :p
Ahh, it has background music that auto-starts too! My speaker volume was up pretty high. I nearly fell off my chair when that Weezer track started. :D


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Just because you people don't like the Yankees, or keep your speakers up too high without using them, is no fault of my own :p

I also read a few places that driver support is supposed to have gotten much better. Perhaps network drivers won't be such a headache going forward :dead:
Heh, all the recent Vista builds have had built-in drivers for my laptop's Broadcom 440x NIC and Intel 2200BG wireless adapter, so I'm connected right after install. I did a fresh install of XP SP2 on the same machine a few months ago, and it didn't include drivers for either of them. XP's a great, solid OS, but it's definitely showing its age with respect to built-in drivers. :D


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You are right in saying that XP is showing it's age in relation to built-in drivers, but I would also like to state it's unfair to compare the two in regards to that.

If you look at 2000 towards the tail-end of it's "latest OS" stage - although it's PNP support wasn't as good as XP, it hardly had a fraction of built-in drivers for hardware compared to what XP had when it debuted even.

So, you are right, but that might not be a fair fight, don't you think?


I'm sorry Hal...
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Yeah, theres a lot of buz about it on the NG.

Looking foward to it. hopefully see some performance improvments on my test box, which i know is old but sometimes opening 2 programs right after each other can take miniutes.

Not used it all too much tbh (for any actual substantive work) , just cause its not on my main box. But i like playing with it :)


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I'm picking up a decent laptop this week just to have a dedicated test environment for Vista. I have been using it through VirtualPC (got it sorted finally), but want something mobile. :)

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