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Windows Virtual Memory set too low?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I get this error when I play my new game "Far Cry". I think that I have enough specs hardware wise to play this game. ('Puter specs listed below) I do keep getting errors/freezes while playing. How can I fix this Virt.Mem. problem? It is set at system manged pagefile (523Megs listed in the E: partition. I have a C:\, D:\, E:\ partitioned Harddrive) under my MyComputer->Properties->Advanced tab.

Thanks in advance



- geek -
Well if you have it set to system managed it should be fine as long as the partition has enough space for your pagefile to expand (probably enough room for it to be 1.5 your RAM is good). What are the errors though?


Overclocked Like A Mother
They are game errors, mostly. Although, I haven't had one since I changed my "system managed" to Custom and put in 767Megs. I couldn't read the errors as it came up too fast to read, then it just freezes. Will continue at Custom pagefile settings to see if it was the problem.

I have searched the ubisoft site for any patches, doesn't seem to be any that will resolve my situation with the game itself.

Thanks Xie.



OSNN Advanced
On my desktops, Windows automatically allocates 768MB of VM, even though I have 768MB RAM in one, and only 512MB in the other.
On my laptop, it's set the VM to 512MB even though I only have 256MB RAM.
I've always been told to allocate 1.5x the amount of RAM for the VM you have in your machine.
Heeter you may want to up the RAM to 768MB. I was running 512 and BFV was very ornery. Added a 3rd stick and now it plays fine.

Other possibility is your FSB is pushed too hard. If I go over 188 FSB my games start crashing after a while. Roll it back to 190 and see if that helps.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks for the ideas, Leejend.

I have moved it back to "System Managed" from "custom", and it has been running flawless since. I don't know why it was putting up a fight before this. Oh well.

BTW, the graphics/sounds are astounding on this game. So far, well worth the $60 that I paid.



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I have a large enough hard drive that I just set it to "custom managed" and put it at the maximum: 4096 MB (both the initial and maximum settings). Windows XP won't let you go any bigger than that, and I haven't had any issues with virtual memory since.


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