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Windows Updates



This question I will ask has been bugging me for a few years now.

I sometimes visit puter shops and see in the retail ops section windows, 95,98,98se,ME,2000,2000 Pro, Xp, XP Pro various from upgrade to full.

Now I think this is correct M$ have a value of the life of the ops.

What I mean is you have about 7 years of updates and support I think before it's seen as ancient and not worthy of updating anymore.

Now if I were to buy win 98 full for the children I have a lot of educational stuff that only runs on 95+98, will I still get (say I got it today) 7 years of updates?

I think M$ should not stop supporting the ops for at least 25 years.

I know it's a bit odd asking this and most will say get XP or latest ops, but I have a lot of bits sitting in boxes from other PC's from upgrades and changes that all work I could build 5 PC's.

Perris Calderon

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well, whatever the contract is they provide when you bought the os is really all you could expect...it's part of the contract, and buying an old os is with the knowledge that it's not supported.

If microsoft chooses to give support for longer then the contract providews, that's to their credit, but you couldn't expect that to happen, you could only hope

for instance, xp is a loved os...it's goiing to be almost impossible for microsft to get home users to pay the price for longhorn

If I weren't in support, I would never get longhorn...so all we can expect is what we payed for, and we can hope for more

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