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Windows update


I'm sorry Hal...
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Does anyone know where to get windows updates from aside from Microsoft. Cause for some reason my Windows Update doesn't work, the downloads fail every time. This has only started recently, but it is starting to annoy me.

(I've tried Windows catalog to no avail either)


MS has now updated the Update Site so that those with the Corporate or "Devils Own" software CANNOT update via normal means. You might think you can, but you won't see new updates just the old ones you never downloaded. It might even freeze up.

Of course the way around this is to click on your Help (Start/Help and Support) look up registration, use the wizard and register using whatever your name and address might be at the time.
It will then change your activation code and give you a real one.

Then reboot and when you go to the site, it should update.

There used to be TWO certificates now after those there is one you click on the page. This activation can be found under my computer/properties for further use if you clean install later.

Then you have to use the command from Run:
oobe/msoobe /a

a dead give away that you have bogus software is that you Do NOT have an activation tab under system tools


It just seems weird that MS knows our key numbers...the ones WE type in when installing the software....just by going to the update site as how else would they stop people from upgrading to SP1???? It baffles me!

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