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Windows Update V5 problem

ok i connect to windows update v5 and it updated and everything, then when its scanning for either scan option, express and custom i think? they come up with errors and i cannot view or download updates... anyone know anyhting about this?


Hmm...the error code doesn't reveal much.
Do you have a firewall installed? Does it work if the firewall is temporarily disabled or shutdown?


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ok question #1 .. did you reboot after it installed v5 crap? I can't remember if I had that same error code but I did have an error and a reboot fixed it. If not click that "windows update troubleshooter" link and look for that error code in the top right. ;)


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Yeah good M$ and there error codes. The one I got wasn't listed either but reboot fixed it so I'm not sure what else to do for ya. :( I did notice there was another v5 update last night so maybe try it again?
I had the same problem and fixed it like this:

Get Hijack This, remove Windows Update from your registry wherever you find it in the scan. Go back to Windows Update, and it will load a fresh copy for you. Hope this works for you like it did for me!
thanks unwonted it worked...i deleted the file and used windows update...and it went back to v4, installing the critical updates now..thanks again


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This v5 is doing my head in..I have three PC's - on two it works fine but on my main machine it doesn't!! Did a complete format/re-install and SP2 upgrade and it worked initially then it worked intermittently and now all I get is the opening screen say "Checking for latest software....." and nothing else happens and most options in left pane greyed out. What's happening???


OSNN One Post Wonder
Think I may have solved the above....it looks like it may be a programme called ReGet which is a file download manager....have uninstalled this and Update seems ok again. If anyone else has this programme would be interested to know if you are also having a problem to confirm my theory.

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