Windows update this is just crazy HELP!



My problem is that for some reason Windows update does not think i am the computer administrator, and i am without a doubt. Even creating another account with administrative privledges i still get im not an administrator when going to the windows update site.

I found this in an earlier thread......
Just talked to a network adm. friend who ran into this same problem with 2000. He said the reason was when you try the very first time to update and are not logged in under administrator, it puts some file somewhere and so now even under adm. it still sees that file. All you have to do is delete the file and all should be well. I will do a search at MS's Knowledge base for it later tonite. Will post if it fixes it.

Any ideas what file or what to try to remedy this, i dread having to reformat and start all over again. tia
bump...well one last shot on this before i format and start over =(
Yes i am and i have created accounts with admin rights and logged in safe mode under admin and used the powertoy to show admin on the welcome screen all no go on windows update, it just doesnt think i am an administrator or have administrative privledges
So windows update is not letting you download the updates, or is it just telling you that you have to have Administration rights to install them? I think I get a similar message too, but it downloads and installs because I do have the rights. How far along in the process is it stopping you? Is it saying you can't at all and ends the process? The message may just be informational.
Tells me i must be and administrator or a member of the administrative group and absolutely wont allow me to update; try loggin on an account without admin rights and go to windows update and you will see what i see ..but arggg i am the admin and have admin rights ...good lord i can create accounts with admin rights so i have got to be, its just windows update.
I really don't have a clue what the problem could be. Sorry about that. I hope someone will jump in with the magic bullet and help you out. I'd hate to see you have to reinstall and then possibly have the same problem again without knowing how to fix it.
thanks for the suggestions help i need that magic bullet hehe.
I'll keep an eye out for you too. You might try searhing the windows knowledge base... it's hard to get a right searh phrase at times but it usually has really good information about these types of issues.
Did you try..

You mentioned using powertoys to show admin, do you mean you use TweakUI to AutoLogon as administrator? I've never had the problem you're having, but after my first install boot I did the Autologon. If you haven't already, try it.
I just installed 1 user (myself), doesnt even ask me to logon to the nextwork!

I had that problem on NT4 SP6 at college, I had the 'rights' but wouldn't update. So I just unplugged the network cable and logged in as my offline account, put cable back in, it wouldnt know what rights to set for me so I got Admin, download and browse with no restrictions :p

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