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Windows Update Stalls at 0%


Van G

Very odd. I put XP on a few friends machines for them from here and wasn't able to use Windows Update through cable modem.

WU page loads and offers to scan, but it just hangs at 0%, when it used to fly through it and give me the updates.

Now I have found this is happening to my machine, which has it's own unique key.

Has anyone had a similar xperience?

I've changed the key, changed the IP of the cable modem, and WU is going to v4 of the update site.


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there are a few probs with windowzz update as they move it to version 5. just hang on and all should be fine:p
I have had problems with Windows Update as well but this was when it was behind a proxy, just a tip, turning on Http 1.1 through Proxy Connections can solve that problem.

Just thought I would pass this bit of info along.


i still cant get on, even with 1.1 proxy enabled.. it DID give me new updates to the WU client,but still hangs at 0%


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I had that problem once.
Clear your Internet cache.

Then navigate to:
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

Delete "Update Class"


Van G

Thanks for the replies. I tried both of the suggestions:

1.1 through proxy
clear IE cache and delete update class from D/L Prog Files

Problem still stands!

It is hitting http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp for the update.

"Windows Update is looking for available updates... 0% complete"

Is the screen that gives me grief.

What is the release time on v5 WU?

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