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windows update not workin!


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So it seems that my windows update doesn't want to work! When it starts to auto download, it stops at 9%. Also when i go to the windows update site, i get an error asking me to turn on update. When i go to my computer and right click, and open the auto update..computer freezes untill i ctrl+alt+del and end the program
Multiple answers:

1) It stalls or locks up on me rarely. I usually go back and try a couple days later and it works. I'm assuming server overload.

2) You may need to disable your software firewall or Anitvirus during install. Since you are downloading and installing system files the firewall or AV may be trying to protect you from over writting critical files.

3) If the Windows update or windows genuine advantage are corrupted it can stall. Try uninstalling in add/remove programs and then reinstalling them first manually.


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You can also check the Event Viewer for Errors or Warnings as well, the local aspect of it should log something if it fails or times out :)

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